How Miss Philippines Fire Alex Dayrit Is Making The Most Of Her Reign

How Miss Philippines Fire Alex Dayrit Is Making The Most Of Her Reign


Miss Philippines Fire Alex Dayrit sits down with MEGA to talk fitness, self-confidence and enjoying the crown.

No two days are ever the same for Alex Dayrit, but despite her hectic schedule, the recent Miss Philippines Fire winner always makes sure to squeeze in a workout—not surprising at all considering her toned physique. “I make sure to work out every day. I usually get up at 5 AM, pack my things for the day and head to the gym to train from around 6:00–9:00 A.M. After that, I head to work, which is either at the office or outside for various events,” she says.

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The beginning

“I was a fat kid, and felt a lot of pressure to lose weight, so I worked out and followed a diet. But I only did it because I felt like I had to; there wasn’t much passion involved back then,” reveals Alex. It was only in 2015, when we organized the first BodyCon fitness search for Gold’s Gym when she met people who introduced her to the joy of leading a fit, healthy lifestyle. “I started to trade late nights with early mornings to train,” she adds.

Her fitness routine

Naturally, everyone in the room wanted to know Alex’s fitness routine. “I follow a bodybuilding style split training routine most of the year,” she starts. “I also do boxing pad work, group classes twice a week and HIIT once a week. I try to do cardio as much as I can, given my crazy schedule.”

“I try my best to avoid excessively processed food, junk food, and I limit my sugary treats to once a week. When I’m training for a contest, it’s different. I follow a strict diet consisting of only fish, chicken, sweet potatoes, oats and select fruits,” she says when asked about her diet.

Train hard

Alex’s passion for fitness made her decide to bring UFC Gym to Manila. If you’re wondering what sets it apart from other gyms, she gives a clear picture: “We’re the first and only mainstream gym to combine traditional fitness with MMA programming and studio-style classes for fitness,” she says. Alex explains that the beauty of the gym is that you can come in and train different disciplines, whether it is weights, kickboxing or Brazilian jiu-jitsu. “The variety ensures that you’ll never get bored,” she adds. And if you’ve tried UFC gym for yourself, you can confidently say that all her claims are true.

More than skin deep

Alex’s determination is something she brings to her pageant competitions as well. However, she shares that this is not always the case. “I was never truly confident about myself, especially when I was bullied,” she shares. It was when she was 25 when she decided to train for a bikini contest. This eventually led her to compete for—and eventually win—a crown in Miss Philippines Earth 2019, namely Miss Philippines Fire. “When I started training, my personal goal wasn’t just to win the crown, but to regain confidence in myself,” she shares with a smile.

What’s next for Alex?

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In addition to winning the crown and gaining back her self-confidence, Alex wanted to use her title to create positive change in the country by spreading awareness about her advocacies. “First of all, I advocate health. I want to make healthcare more available to indigenous communities. In addition to this, I also advocate for anti-bullying and women empowerment. I do this through UFC Gym and my JCI Manileña, a non-profit youth development organization. We organize a series of free workshops and self-defense seminars,” she says enthusiastically.

While everything has clearly been faced-paced for Alex, she also makes time to sit back and enjoy everything she has worked so hard for. “I’m continuing my advocacies, businesses and enjoying the newfound confidence I have with myself,” she says. “I just want to make the most out of it.”

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