How Simone Rocha Sculpts Femininity For Jean Paul Gaultier SS24 Haute Couture Collection

How Simone Rocha Sculpts Femininity For Jean Paul Gaultier SS24 Haute Couture Collection


Simone Rocha explores her distinct design approach and integration with Jean Paul Gaultier’s bold legacy for their Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 collection 

She cleverly incorporates iconic elements, involved with playful and provocative design approaches. Long captivated by the concept, she maintains a persistent fascination with expressing and celebrating the unrestrained vitality and unpredictable nature of female physicality. Thus, this is Jean Paul Gaultier by Simone Rocha.

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Flowy, layered, and romantic is the inspiration of this dress

Rocha merged her female gaze with Gaultier’s bold legacy. Provocative in essence, yet deeply enthralling in its femininity. This isn’t couture crafted by man; unmistakably, it’s the artistry of none other than Rocha.

Ribbons and bows make their mark by the sides
Pleats and horned cups take the front of this dark green dress

In this marriage of two distinct designers—one soaring through femininity, the other navigating seas of fragrances and stripes—how did they collaborate without eclipsing each other? This union isn’t a tempest; it’s a refreshing snow cone on a scorching summer day, playfully enjoyed on a yacht, adorned in a striped bodysuit with ribbons. Gaultier without stripes is inconceivable, just as Rocha without a bow is unimaginable.

The maritime look of Jean Paul Gaultier is evident within this ensemble

Tulles, ruffles, ribbons—bows graced corsets, sheer revels embraced the skin, skirts spun in a seductive cadence. With a romantic touch, hips embraced a subtle exaggeration, sleeves unfolded like soft secrets, and bustiers and gowns became dreamlike with the sparkling magic of crystals and pearls.

In this cream ensemble, black tulle follows behind and accented by red gloves
The black mermaid dress has red attachments

A major contrast between the designers is in their approach to silhouettes. Rocha famously leans towards volume, while Gaultier has always highlighted the body in a more sensual way, leaning into body-hugging shapes. However, they both appreciate vintage luxury and the power of bold femininity.

Due to this, Rocha extended her creative boundaries, almost to the shores. Envision the striped bodysuit, where ribbons are artfully stitched—a nod to Gaultier’s maritime influence. Transitioning to the carnival, she transforms cone busts into horns, offering a devilish twist, while corsetry takes a refreshing turn from restraint to a breath of liberation.

Simone Rocha Sculpts Femininity: Gaultier Haute Couture SS24
The standout dress with horned cups in Rocha red

The mutual appreciation for tulle, a shared element in the designers’ repertoire, influenced Rocha’s continuation of Gaultier’s legacy. Standout pieces in a palette of black, pale pink, and nude included voluminous silhouettes and gracefully draped dresses. Despite diverse design approaches, Rocha’s touch paid homage to Gaultier’s essence, making the collection a celebrated win in haute couture. Who knew bows could be such a hit in couture? Simone Rocha did. 

Photos and Featured Image: SIMONE ROCHA

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