How to Add Functional Exercises to Your Routine

How to Add Functional Exercises to Your Routine


Functional exercises are all about improving your quality of life and reducing your risk of injury. Here are five simple ways you can incorporate them into your daily workout routine

Functional exercises improve overall functional strength. Taking the time to do these exercises can help build strength in muscle groups and joints that are needed to perform everyday activities, such as walking and lifting heavy objects. This approach to fitness includes exercises like pulling, lunging, squatting, and pushing. Ultimately, consistently performing these exercises help boost your quality of life, reduce your risk of injury, and improve your balance, endurance, and mobility.

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Elite athletes also perform functional exercises to improve their skills by training in ways that are specific to their sport. That being said, functional exercises are doable for beginners and older adults. Listed below are some workout routines published by trainers that, while helpful as a whole, include key elements that target your functional strength.



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♬ suono originale – Ale Pisanu Trainer

This exercise is good for cardio, improving balance and coordination, and strengthening your lower-body muscles. You can also have fun with this workout, as demonstrated in this TikTok.



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♬ Live Your Beautiful Life – Gray Griggs

This whole-body exercise is particularly great for strengthening your back and arms, which will ultimately help with your ability to lift heavy objects.

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♬ Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

Squats aren’t just effective for building up your glutes, but these exercises are helpful for general strength as well, particularly for your back, legs, hips, and ankles. Squats can also improve core strength and stability.

Weighted lying leg raises


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♬ Surround Sound – JID

Weighted leg raises are effective for both strengthening your lower body and core, particularly your abdominal muscles. Lifts work your core for better stabilization and balance, which leads to better overall control of your body

Walking lunges

Walking lunges strengthen and improve the mobility of your quadriceps, hips, and knee joints, which can be crucial for performing daily activities.

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