The Beginner’s Guide to a Commute-Proof Beauty Routine

The Beginner’s Guide to a Commute-Proof Beauty Routine


Applying makeup is one thing, but keeping it in place is another story. Get to know all the smart ways to improve makeup’s longevity

There is nothing quite comparable to the bliss and chaos of in-office beauty routines, but let’s face it—keeping makeup in place during a commute seems nearly impossible. Think more of the high temperatures, humidity, and pollution that every beauty fan encounters. The result? Clean winged eyeliners are smudged into raccoon-like rings beneath the eyes, whereas fresh foundations melt right off like butter. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Enter: Commute-proof beauty routines. 

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Maine Mendoza

In creating a commute-proof beauty routine, it’s essential to curate one’s top shelf with lightweight, long-lasting, and water-resistant formulas. The right product layering plays a huge role, too.

On the products to retire


It’s no secret that the right formulations are the key to a commute-proof look. As for skin preparation? Keep it minimal with toner, softening lotion, and sunscreen. Avoid oil-based products and decadent moisturizers at all cost since it melts makeup easily. Rather, it’s recommended to place the focus on hydrating and sun-protecting ingredients to ensure that the skin is taken care of throughout the day. 

On the best beauty practice

Proper product layering can make a big difference. Beauty experts suggest starting the routine with a reliable face primer followed by a layer of lightweight foundation and concealer. Matte is undeniably a popular choice for commute-proof base products, but formulas with sheer to radiant finish also work perfectly if set accordingly. Pro tip: Lock the makeup in with a light swish of a finishing powder and a spritz of a setting spray. 

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As for the secret to commute-proof eye makeup? Make sure that the lids are clean from excess grease. Gently dab a setting powder or an eye base before makeup application. It’s a non-negotiable step that creates a barrier between lashes and sweaty skin. Apart from mattifying the area, it also works double-duty as a primer that makes any eyeshadow stay on longer. 

Take it from the pros  

Commute-proof makeup

The beauty market is never short of commute-proof makeup products. And to discover the best of the best, MEGA has selected some formulas that can stand the test of heat and pollution. From sweatproof primers and lightweight foundations to waterproof mascaras and eyeliners, these are the products you need to add to your beauty arsenal. 


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