What Is The Blood Moon And How To Deal With It

What Is The Blood Moon And How To Deal With It


Guest stars include an unusually near planet Mars, Mercury in retrograde and Leo season!


First, you should know what it means when Mercury is in retrograde. Scientifically, it’s when the planet Mercury starts to spin slower than Earth. So slow, in fact, that it can appear to be spinning backward due to our orbit’s interaction with other planets. This phenomenon happens around 2 to 3 times per year.
Why is this significant to us? Well, the planet Mercury governs over all types of communication from speaking to listening to researching and even buying and selling. Mercury also rules travel, transportation, and contracts. When Mercury is in retrograde, all matters dealing with areas often have catastrophic tendencies. Mishaps from small to big are likely to happen, so expect a lot of your plans to go awry!


Every ordinary full moon brings with it refreshing new energy. The upcoming blood moon is basically a total lunar eclipse wherein the Earth will align between the moon and the sun. This Lunar eclipse will be the longest yet of the century. It has long been believed that this lunar activity has a direct influence on the moods and energies of people.
While the blood moon can be challenging what with the super-powered energy it will bring, eclipses can help us by guiding our life path. Eclipses tend to push forward the inevitable events in our lives, sometimes in a painful manner.


This period of time celebrates the Leos in our lives, and with it also comes a vibrant energy. We tend to feel more confident and positively radiant. The turbo-charged blood moon, however, may try to diminish this energy. This could lead to reckless decisions, rash actions, and emotional problems.


As another celestial treat, Planet Mars is at its closest to Earth in 15 years. This means that Mars will not only be super visible to the naked eye but will sparkle brighter than usual, too. Astrologically, Mars will affect the blood moon, meaning more emotional challenges. As Mars can trigger anger and frustration, these emotions can easily turn into reckless and harsh actions.


With all the tumultuous celestial energy going about, it’s high time we just take it slow. You even might feel down and a bit off, but take this time to deal with your musings and inner conflicts. The new moon brings with it a new opportunity—start fresh, review your life and energies spent, and focus on the important things.
As with all Mercury retrogrades, avoid making important decisions during this challenging time. It’s almost impossible to successfully launch any plans. Be prepared for some conflicts to arise when communicating with friends and loved ones.
The blood moon’s energy powered by the planet Mars and the vibrant Leo season might urge to make a big change or take on a big decision in your life. Try to hold it off until Mercury retrograde is over, possibly after August 19!
Most importantly, be patient. Just sit back and enjoy the celestial show!

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