Underblushing is the Hack to Hollywood’s Perfectly Flushed Cheeks

Underblushing is the Hack to Hollywood’s Perfectly Flushed Cheeks


Tried and tested by industry experts, underblushing is the ultimate technique for a soft-focus blush finish

The power of blush placements deeply impacts the overall makeup look. Imagine, it only takes a few swishes to accentuate one’s cheekbones. Work with a complementing shade and it can instantly awaken the skin. And besides, it’s the only makeup category that requires minimum effort in application. But to take makeup to the next level, it sometimes requires the use of the right play of blush techniques. Case in point? Underblushing. 

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Underblushing Technique

According to celebrity makeup artists—and of course, beautytok—underblushing is the secret to an even more natural-looking flush. It doesn’t require an expert skill because it’s easy to incorporate the technique into any routine. And while the age-old favorite application has been around for years, its revival proves that it yields excellent results. 

The underblushing method 

Underblushing Technique

“Underblushing is kind of a secret makeup technique that celebrity makeup artists do,” Tara Sigari explained in her video with over 2.3 million views. “Foundation, blush, and then they put the concealer on top.” As for the results? Blush that looks so airbrush and gradient, something that looks and feels as if it is done by an expert. The technique has earned the seal of approval from the most respected makeup artists in the business including Patrick Ta, who is favored by the likes of Gigi Hadid

The right way to underblush 

Underblushing Technique

In her tutorial, the beauty content creator proceeded to contour after she applied her foundation. Once blended, she reached for her blush—any baby pink hue—and swept it directly on her cheeks. “Next, I’m going to start concealing like I normally would,” she detailed. The artist completed the process by baking both sides and brushing the excess powder off. Pro tip: For a matte finish, layer a pink powder blush on top of the apples of the cheeks. For a dewy finish, opt for a cream blush formula and spritz a setting spray. 

Expert’s picks 

Best Pink Blush Formula

It’s important to take note that not all blush formulas are created equally. In searching for the right product, prioritize formats that suit your skin type best. Cream blushes are ideal for wearers with dry to normal skin as they leave a more dewy glow to the complexion, Meanwhile, powder blushes are an ideal reach for wearers with oily skin or to those who live in a humid environment. Curious about what to look for? Here are five outstanding formulas that are a worthy addition to any beauty routine.


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