Here’s How To Dress For The Rainy Day Weather Like A Celebrity

Here’s How To Dress For The Rainy Day Weather Like A Celebrity


Confused about how the weather will act? Fret not and let these celebrity OOTDs guide you on how to dress for the rainy day.

So, is it going to rain or not? That is the Macbeth-esque question we frequently ask ourselves nowadays. And given that the frequent tropical depression is taking slow turns before it goes away, it seems that the streets will be wet for quite a while. But this also means it’s time to bring out your rain gear and strut in your good ol’ boots.

From your chic thigh-high boots, brown Chelsea boots, to a good old pair of Doc Martens, brave through the rainy days without compromising style. How exactly can you achieve that? Well, you better jot down the right style notes and see how these celebrities and personalities aced it.

Photo from @sarahlahbati on Instagram

Sarah Lahbati

Talk about sophistication! Decked in head-to-toe Louis Vuitton, Sarah Lahbati opted to wear a patent leather long sleeves paired with a knotted checkered skirt. She finished the look with black boots and a silver Twist MM bag in Epi leather.

Photo from @sueannadoodles on Instagram

Sue Ramirez

We get it—it’s bed weather. So, if you want to go with a laid-back outfit, take your cue from Sue Ramirez and layer an oversized jacket over an oversized top that can serve as a dress, and finish it with your trusty combat boots. Style tip: Match the gloomy rainy day and go for a dark monotonous look.

Photo from @janeenachan on Instagram

Janeena Chan

Got a party to attend to? Don’t worry, because the rain can’t stop you from having fun just like Janeena Chan. Since the majority of the people would be sporting a neutral tone outfit, then take your style game up a notch by adding hints of sparkle—from your bra top, bag, to jewelry.

Photo from @nicole_andersson on Instagram

Nicole Anderson

Let’s admit it: it’s such a hassle to walk the streets of the metropolis in this rainy weather. That’s why it’s best to wear water-resistant clothes like leather or silk, which compared to cotton fabrics, won’t easily absorb moisture. Just look at how Nicole Anderson kept the rain at arm’s length with her take on weather-appropriate dressing.

Photo from @piawurtzbach on Instagram

Pia Wurtzbach

Whoever said it’s a bad idea to go for a dinner date during a rainy day surely doesn’t know how to dress for the weather. Channel the resplendence of Gotham city like our September 2019 digital cover star Pia Wurtzbach in an all-black number. Her pièce de résistance? Her edgy patent leather trench coat that not only saves a date from going kaput, but it also stacks up points in the style game.

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