How to Dress Like a 90s Supermodel, According to Patricia Henson

How to Dress Like a 90s Supermodel, According to Patricia Henson


The 90s are calling, but they’re doing it in a hushed, luxurious tone just like Patricia Henson. Are you ready to pick up the call? 

In case you’ve been snoozing out on the trend report, Patricia Henson is not just another influencer gracing your explore page. This content connoisseur knows how to effortlessly meld the ethos of luxurious subtlety with the cheeky exuberance that the 90s fashion scene was all about. Her Instagram grid? A gallery of muted palettes, thoughtful compositions, and those nostalgic callbacks that make you want to raid your parents’ Polaroid albums.

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But it’s not just about the aesthetics. Patricia is a master of blending her love for quiet luxury with the era that gave us scrunchies and butterfly clips. We’ve got the ultimate guide to channeling your inner 90s supermodel, straight from the Instagram feed of Patricia Henson.

The Denim Dream

patricia henson

You can’t do 90s without denim! Patricia’s tip? High-waisted everything. Jeans, shorts, skirts—make those hips sing! Bonus points for a touch of distress ’cause nothing says “I woke up like this” like some well-placed rips.

Crop it Like it’s Hot

Say bye-bye to long shirts because crop tops are your new BFF. Patricia loves getting her cropped tops in clean and classic cuts mixed and matched with high-waisted bottoms. A cropped tee with a plaid mini? Yasss, you’re getting it!

Cargo Pants For Days

patricia henson

Let’s not forget the pièce de résistance of 90s cool: cargo pants. These pockets-on-steroids bottoms are the epitome of practical meets edgy. Patricia wears them in a loose fitting style. Cargo pants offer a space for all your essentials without sacrificing an ounce of style. 

Minimal Makeup Magic

Hold up, don’t go overboard on the makeup. Less is more! We see Patricia donning no-makeup makeup looks all the time. A touch of mascara, a hint of blush, and maybe a little liner for some drama. Leave the over-contouring for another era. 

All About the Attitude

patricia henson

Remember, it’s not just about the clothes—it’s also about how you rock ’em. Strut like the runway is your personal catwalk, and the world is your audience. 90s minimalist outfits don’t work if you don’t have the attitude for it. Werk it, girl!

Photos: PATRICIA HENSON (via Instagram)

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