How to Dress Like a Power Couple, According to These Filipino Celebrities

How to Dress Like a Power Couple, According to These Filipino Celebrities


It takes two to tango in love and in fashion, and these celebrity couples know it well

This Valentine’s season, make dates special by expressing the mutual love between you and your loved ones through style. Whether you’re going out with your partner or a group of friends, going for a coordinated outfit is one way of showing your shared affection. Take it from these celebrity couples who know how to level up dates through fashion. If you are still finding ways to do the same, here are some fashion cues from these showbiz pairings. 

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Bianca and Ruru: Casual to Cool

For the long-time couple, their relationship is anything but casual. But Bianca Umali and Ruru Madrid definitely cool, especially when it comes to fashion. With their corresponding style, it’s evident that they’re making the most of their dates. Why? It’s how their outfits can easily transition from day to night. 

celebrity couples style valentine's day bianca umali ruru madrid

If you’re planning a whole day date experience, make sure that your chosen clothes will fit into your activities as well. Opt for a basic tank top as your first layer for the day, then polish it up with oversized outerwear. Accessorize the whole look with some sunnies for an added chic feel. 

Sofia and Daniel: Textured Tandem

From motorcycle date nights to out-of-the-country escapades, Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda surely know how to bring adventure into their partnership. Of course, their style has to keep up with their energy. The couple brings their dynamic vibe into their plans through their outfit choices, especially in mixing and matching colors and fabrics. How to spice up your relationship? Dress to impress through texture play. 

celebrity couples style valentine's day daniel miranda sofia andres

Issa and James: Pairing in Pieces

Their shared appreciation for all things sartorial make Issa Pressman and James Reid a match made in creativity. In their appearances, they have a way of coordinating their looks but still keeping their individual identities. Case in point? Their looks for the MEGA Anniversary Party. Though they had their own iterations of the “Make it big, make it MEGA” theme, Issa and James complemented each other’s style through pearl statements and ruffled elements. 

celebrity couples style valentine's day issa pressman james reid

Gabbi and Khalil: Relaxed Relationship

Similar to the love you have for your partner, couple dressing doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it easy and relaxed by having you and your partner wear similar lightweight and breathable pieces, just like longtime couples like Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos. The couple proves that even the simplest of dates and outfits can be special when done right. 

celebrity couples style valentine's day gabbi garcia khalil ramos

Belle and Donny: Denim for Dating

Denim’s utilitarian aspect plays well even in the love department with the way you can dress it down for first dates or dress it up for anniversary celebrations.  If you have a busy schedule like Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan for Valentine’s Day, you can still look polished with a hint of ruggedness with this fabric.

celebrity couples style valentine's day belle mariano donny pangilinan

Featured Image: MEGA ARCHIVES (Issa and James, Gabbi and Khalil, Bianca and Ruru), BELLE MARIANO, and SOFIA ANDRES

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