Here’s How You Can Find the Perfect Pink Lipstick

Here’s How You Can Find the Perfect Pink Lipstick


Pink lipstick inarguably looks good on everyone. But with such a vast marketplace, how can a beauty fan find their perfect match?

Every lipstick shade has its power. In need of a confidence boost? Swatch on a rich rouge. Want to make a sartorial statement? Reach for a mauve bullet. But there is just something special about a perfect pink color that consistently delivers visual satisfaction. The beauty of the spectrum relies on its infinite versatility. Imagine—there will always be a pink entry for every skin tone, occasion, and personal style. 

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Like any other category in beauty, searching for the right one can be a balancing act, but fret not. With the myriad of pink lipstick available in the beauty market, one can certainly find the best match. From rich berry balms to glossy rosé, read on and find out how to choose the perfect pink for your skin tone. 

Choosing the perfect pink shade

The search for the perfect pink always begins with assessing the wearer’s undertones. Take into account that there are three basic categories: cool, warm, and neutral. Pro tip: One fool-proof way to identify your undertone is by checking the color of your veins in and around the face. Wearers with blue or purple-hued veins has cool undertones. Meanwhile, green or olive falls under the warm genre. Elsewhere, neutral is a mixture of both cool and warm undertones. 

For the cool undertone 

Cool undertones are characterized by blue-purple or reddish-pink tints under the skin. Formulas with a blue or purple base make the right choice as they often complement the hues of the wearer’s veins. Think more of shades like baby pinks, mauves, berry-pinks, and deep raspberry—these options make a worthy addition to any beauty arsenal. Add a playful twist to your look by swapping mattes with a hydrating gloss. 

For the warm undertone 

Warm undertones are assessed with individuals who have a yellow or peach complexion. As for the best pink entry? Reach for formulas with an orange or peach base. Shades like rose pink and nude pink are an ideal pick for fans of the your-lips-but-better look. On the flip side, vibrant selections like cherry pink and peach pink make the best lippie options for anyone who wants to make a subtle statement. However, keep in mind to blot the lips with a piece of tissue to avoid the expense of smudging. 

For the neutral undertone

Neutral undertones are best known for its cool and warm tint attributes. In short, it is roughly the exact color of the wearer’s natural skin complexion — the exact reason why the entire pink spectrum works perfectly for the category. Looking for the perfect everyday pink lipstick? Opt for a cool-toned nude pink shade. It’s the perfect hue that adds a soft flush of color to your lips without making them look super overdone.

Featured Image: ROBBIE PIÑERA (via Instagram)

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