How To Get The Princess Diana Blowout From The Crown

How To Get The Princess Diana Blowout From The Crown


Learn about the history of the iconic Princess Diana blowout and how you can achieve a similar royal look like Emma Corrin of The Crown.

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Princess Diana was and still is one of the biggest inspirations of British beauty and fashion even years after her untimely, unfortunate, and unforgettable passing. Now that Netflix has released the 4th season of The Crown, we will be able to look back at the early 90s and reminisce on the iconic beauty moments of the late princess. If there is one thing we could pinpoint about Diana’s beauty looks, it would definitely have to be her hair. Her short blonde hair gave the impression of a free spirit that was approachable yet self confident. As a result, many women to this day ask for the Diana cut at their local hairdresser.
The Crown, Princess Diana
Who would’ve thought that the famed hair style was actually an improvisation by Diana’s celebrity hairdresser, Sam McKnight? The legendary hair dresser confirms this tidbit through an interview with British Vogue. Princess Diana’s era-defining cut was the hairdresser’s way of bringing out the best features of the princess just in time for her British Vogue cover in the 90s. What makes the Diana cut special is the movement of the hair. It’s voluptuous, but does not get in the way of the princess’ face. Sam McKnight also confirmed that he had recreated the iconic ‘do for Emma Corrin of The Crown in the year 2020.
Sam McKnight, Princess Diana
The Diana Cut
Most hairdressers would know the cut once the name Diana leaves your mouth, but just in case they don’t you can ask for a feathered layers haircut. According to Stephen Marinaro of TheSalonGuy YouTube Channel, “This (Diana haircut) is a big job. It’s not a 1, 2, 3 haircut. You really have to understand haircutting.”

The most important step in achieving Princess Diana’s hair is to find a hairdresser that specializes in cutting layered hair. It would be almost impossible to achieve the volume and the look without cutting the hair first.

The Styling
Layered hair is not a wash-and-wear type of haircut. The reason for this is volume. Without the proper styling your new Diana haircut would just look like an awkward mass of hair surrounding your neck. Marinaro teaches us how to maintain the look by using volumizing hair cream, hair wax, rounded brush, and a blow dryer.

You can try out this step-by-step guide we’ve laid out for you using the products mentioned above.

1. Wash your hair thoroughly with your preferred shampoo and conditioner. You can opt for a volumizing shampoo instead of a regular one. In addition to this, try to stay away from straightening conditioners.

2. Apply a pump of volumizing cream on your palm and crunch it on to your hair evenly. If you have damaged hair, we advise that you apply a heat protectant serum before applying the mousse.

3. Whip out your rounded brush and blowdryer. Encircle the layers of your hair on the brush and blow dry the section in an upward “C” motion. Do this to each section until done.

4. Style accordingly with your hair wax or you can skip out on the wax and tuck your hair behind your ears in true Diana fashion.

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