How To Get Your Own Travel Photographer And Capture Every Moment

How To Get Your Own Travel Photographer And Capture Every Moment


Looking for the best way to capture your special moment in your favorite city in the world? We know how.

Whether you’re single or you’re a certified Instagram husband, there’s no need to bring all the heavy camera equipment anymore when you travel. Finally, you can now easily book your own professional travel photographer through SweetEscape.

It’s a photography service that connects you with more than 10,000 curated photographers in more than 500 cities around the world. That’s why even if you’re in New York, Paris, Tokyo, or Dubai, you can easily request for a one to two hours of photo session anywhere, any time.

A Photographer For Every Need

Now you must now be intrigued on how to book your travel photographer for your next trip abroad. But fret not, we’ll guide you. Upon arriving to their website or their app, just fill up the form and choose your preferred destination, occasion, and time.

After receiving a confirmation to your booking and completing your payment, SweetEscape will get in touch with you and help you plan your session. Then that’s the time you’ll discuss with your photographer what to wear and your photo ideas.

When things are finalized, simply meet-up with your photographer and enjoy every moment. You can also ask about the must-visit places in the city because they know the city inside out. SweetEscape Founder and CEO David Soong shared to MEGA that one of the requirements to be a photographer for the ingenious photography service.

Once your session ends, your photos will be sorted and edited in your album. Within 48 hours, you can view these pictures in your online gallery. You can download 40 photos you like the most. Get it in high resolution (4 to 5MB) via your desktop. After downloading it, you can print it, post it, or even share it. After all, the memories are yours to treasure forever.

A Much-Needed Sweet Escape

Wondering how did this come about? Back in 2012, David Soong who came from a family vacation was surprised to find very few pictures that captured their perfect holiday moments. More than that, he also shared to the press during the first anniversary of SweetEscape in the Philippines, that one of the reasons he started it was because he has always been an Instagram husband.

SweetEscape Travel Photographer
SweetEscape Founder and CEO David Soong

So being a photographer himself, David finally came up with the idea of hand-picking photographers with the right skills and right styles from around the world. Come to think of it, everyone deserves their much-needed sweet escape.

Erwan and Anne SweetEscape Travel Photographer

Perhaps the reason why several artists have been booking travel photographers in SweetEscape is that they never fail to capture each and special moment. From Erwan Huessaff and Anne Curtis’ pre-nuptial photos to Heart Evangelista’s Parisian escapades in Paris Fashion Week, you can now shape your day with joyful moments with the people closest to you.

Book your own professional travel photographer now in SweetEscape and eternalize special moments.

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