How to Keep Cool While Looking Hot for Summer Like Nadine Lustre

How to Keep Cool While Looking Hot for Summer Like Nadine Lustre


Chase the sun with Nadine Lustre as your muse, taking the island girl style wherever you go. Here are tips to channel these summer looks

As the temperature rises and the sun shines its golden beams, it’s time to open the doors to a hot summer wardrobe inspired by Nadine Lustre, the pinnacle of Filipino fierceness. The actress‘ style stands out for its ability to combine bold designs, brilliant hues, and casual refinement. Let the sun shine and let your style shine, too.

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Beach glam

She’s white-hot forever. Our beloved morena plunges into the sea of bliss, worn in a pristine white bikini that accentuates her strong physique, looking like Lara Croft unearthing ancient treasures. Yet, dare I say, she surpasses even that comparison. Draped around her waist lies a delicate sarong, infusing hints of tropical allure that complement the paradisiacal backdrop. 

Keep Cool While Looking Hot for Summer Like Nadine Lustre
Let your bikini accentuate your strong figure

To steal Nadine’s white-hot vibe, start with a white bikini that fits like it was made just for you. Look for clean lines and a snug fit that accentuates your curves in all the right places; think confidence, not catwalk. Then, tie on a sarong with a hint of tropical flair around your waist. It’s all about effortless chic here, not over-the-top. And don’t forget your shades and a hat for that extra touch of sun-kissed glam. With this look, you’ll turn heads without even trying—just like our girl Nadine.

Island chic

Lustre owns the island girl life as if she was made for it. And she was; just look at how she climbs that tree: so innate. You know what else is? Her style, of course. Decked out in understated neutrals, she pairs a bikini top with soft pants, infusing a sense of literal coolness into her natural ensemble. It’s as if she harnesses the very essence of the ocean breeze, enveloping herself in its refreshing embrace.

Keep Cool While Looking Hot for Summer Like Nadine Lustre
Complete the summer look with breezy pants

To capture Nadine’s innate island chic, start with a wardrobe that’s as easy as her tree-climbing skills. Choose neutrals like you’re auditioning for the role in a minimalist movie. Pair a bikini top with pants so breezy, they could double as sails for your yacht. Let the wind tousle your hair like you’re in a shampoo commercial, and remember: the more nonchalant you look, the better. You’re now ready to embody Nadine’s island coolness and make even the coconuts jealous.

Sun-savvy hair

Under the scorching island sun, it’s easy to forget about protecting our heads from its relentless rays. But did you know that prolonged sun exposure can wreak havoc on your hair? Nadine has her sun protection game dialed in. While the rest of us are fumbling with hats or hiding under whatever shade we can find, Nadine rocks a head covering that adds an extra dose of cool to her look

Keep Cool While Looking Hot for Summer Like Nadine Lustre
Always protect your hair with sun protection or coverings

To emulate Nadine’s sun protection and style, start by selecting a head covering that suits your personal taste and the occasion. Whether it’s a colorful headscarf, a trendy bucket hat, or a classic straw fedora, choose something that complements your outfit while providing adequate coverage from the sun. Pair it with a lightweight, flowy ensemble in neutral tones or lively prints to capture Nadine’s laid-back yet chic aesthetic. 

Sheer summer

While the definition of “cool” may vary depending on the season, one thing remains constant: Nadine will always exude cool girl energy to her hot summer island girl vibe In a striking ensemble by Neric Beltran, Nadine commands attention with this beige hue that brings out her A-game, enhancing the textured cut-outs that show her bikini. Sheer is so in, especially when the sun allows out. 

Keep Cool While Looking Hot for Summer Like Nadine Lustre
Be playful at night by incorporating sheer looks to feel the cool breeze

To rock Nadine’s cool summer style, start by raiding your closet for neutral pieces. Think of textures that make you want to reach out and touch them, like finding a secret stash of snacks at a friend’s house. When it comes to swimwear, go for a bikini that surprises you. And as the sun dips below the horizon, embrace sheer fabrics with gusto, as if you’re belting out karaoke classics at a gathering. 

With Nadine Lustre as your muse, there’s no limit you can achieve. From her beach-ready ensembles to her laid-back island vibes, Nadine’s style is hotter than the summer sun and cooler than a cucumber in a freezer. If you’re not dripping in style, you’re not doing it right! And if you are, you’ll be turning heads and sparking smiles wherever your summer adventures take you.

Photos and Featured Image: NADINE LUSTRE (via Instagram)

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