How to Move Out Alone at 20 Years Old in Metro Manila, As Told by Ashley Garcia

How to Move Out Alone at 20 Years Old in Metro Manila, As Told by Ashley Garcia


Moving out of your parents’ house is daunting yet liberating. Ashley Garcia talks to MEGA about the reality of living alone

Adjusting to a new, empty abode can be both a challenge or a welcoming experience. The circumstances take a little getting used to but the transition is definitely worthwhile. If you’re looking to cultivate more independence and freedom, Filipina beauty and lifestyle content creator Ashley Garcia gets real about having her space and taking on added responsibilities in managing her own household. 

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Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle creator Ashley Garcia moved out at only 20 years old

Ashley moved out when she was just a first year college student who was already financially independent. “I would go to class with my clothes for my afternoon VTR commercial audition in my bag,” she says. “Then when I came home, I’d pack orders for my online shop and do my homework.” Earning at a young age definitely shaped Ashley’s discipline in handling her finances and her mindset in achieving her goals. When her content creation skyrocketed, Ashley moved out to live her dreams on her own in her own space, moving to a condominium unit near her university.

The good stuff

There’s nothing better than having complete autonomy in creating a living environment tailored to your preferences. Ashley says that this freedom has provided her immense growth and independence. “Besides enjoying the blessing of sustaining a lifestyle I once dreamed about, I’ve also learned valuable lessons about responsibility and practicality,” the content creator shares. There’s no doubt that living alone can be an ideal situation for life skill development and self-reliance when it comes to managing your own household. “In terms of freedom, living without parents and rules…it’s all fun, yet I still find solace in spending my Friday nights cozily tucked in bed, indulging in my favorite series or movie. I suppose you could say I’m a bit of a homebody,” Ashley shares.

The kitchen is a plethora of warm white and soft hues, making a minimalist kitchen look less cold.

Ashley definitely has found comfort in enjoying her own company where she’s no longer just confined to a bedroom for privacy and storage. When you live alone, the place is your personal bubble.

The not-so-glamorous reality

However, like most things, there’s a downside to this bubble. While there’s the exciting image of living by your own rules, here’s a reality from Ashley’s playbook: “Taking care of yourself when you’re sick; I’ve brought myself to the emergency room twice already in my five years living alone,” she shares. “Having to clean and maintain your own space, taking out the trash because nobody will do it for you. Being too lazy to cook a decent meal when I was in college.”

A sneak peek of Ashley’s day-to-day routine

The content creator also gets real about the loneliness living alone entails—even if it gives you self-independence and autonomy of your schedule and life choices. “I was raised in a household where we ate together during meal times,” Ashley states. “Until this day, there are times when loneliness still hits me when I eat alone.”

How to live well…alone

Don’t let this deter you—these struggles are a part of this significant life change. Now, at 25 years old, Ashley still takes every day with a newfound appreciation for her unconstrained and self-made routine. There’s no adjusting your schedule to anyone else’s, and you can do things in your own time. This is beneficial if you are the kind of person who needs structure or has a flexible work schedule like Ashley. This is the self-care of your now daily life—and it’s one of the sweetest parts of your journey.

Ashley decorating her space and making it her own

Ashley’s routine looks like this: “I woke up at seven AM, did my daily devotion, did the laundry, and cleaned up my space the whole morning. I opted to have lunch outside considering I had a shoot lined up for the entire afternoon. For tonight, I’ll have food delivered as a reward while I watch Gossip Girl. Then I’ll squeeze in some work for content before I shower and do my skincare routine. I usually go to bed around eleven or twelve after I scroll mindlessly on my socials.”

The content creator has the space and time to do what she needs to grow and develop as a person and to just enjoy life at her own pace and her own company.

Moving out?

If you’re planning to live solo soon find where you can build your solitude. Ashley’s tip is to list down all your needs and consider convenience and location. “Since condos and apartments require post-dated checks, I also recommend securing six month’s worth of rent before moving in,” she states. All this is adult stuff, but the most exciting part? “Decorating your own space! Turn it into something you’d love to come home to, no matter how simple or extra that may be.”

Ashley’s dining room sets up a cozy, intimate feel

Ashley’s general advice? 

“Just remember you are destined for great things regardless of the environment you choose to cultivate for yourself—as long as you have the grit and right mindset to achieve your goals. This could be at your parents’ home or even in your own space. Be prepared mentally, emotionally, and financially when you take the big leap. Stay safe and secure that pepper spray!”

Photos and Featured Image: ASHLEY GARCIA

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