How to Style the Must-Have White Button-Down

How to Style the Must-Have White Button-Down


Here’s how you can style your trusty white button-down for that effortlessly chic look

Having wardrobe staples always guarantee an effortless look. It’s their ability to be versatile and chic without having too much to fuss about when it comes to styling, and that makes them a necessity for every fashion enthusiast. Trends may fade, but it’s these closet essentials that never go out of style, just like the classic white button-down.

How to Style the White Button-Down
Photo: KELSEY MERRITT (via Instagram)

This particular article of clothing isn’t new in the scene and you’ve probably got a few pieces hanging inside your closet already. It’s been used for more formal occasions, especially in menswear, which then trickled down to womenswear. They come in different shapes and sizes, all of which exude different aesthetics. 

How to Style the White Button-Down
Photo: CAMILLE CHARRIERE (via Instagram)

We’ve seen a myriad of content creators use it to layer their outfit countless times, but how come they’re trendier than ever now? We’re pointing our fingers at the recent off-model duty look that has been taking the internet by the storm. 

The breakdown of the look is quite simple so you’ll definitely be able to put one together with the clothes you already have in your closet. All you need to keep in mind is the details to perfect this ensemble.

How to Style the White Button-Down
Photo: KENDALL JENNER (via Instagram)

The first rule is to know your white button-down. Since it has many variations, keep an eye out for the silhouette and length so it doesn’t look off-putting. Sometimes, the length of the shirt might be too long, which can make your outfit look lousy, or it might be too short, making you look rigid. 

As for the second rule, it’s to make sure the fit of the clothes are tailored to your size. If you’re going for a tank top, it should have the right body fit, while your plain shirt should be crisp. For your bottoms, check if your jeans aren’t too fitted. Meanwhile, trousers should be altered to your size. In short, the fit always matters. 

How to Style the White Button-Down
Photo: MARA LAFONTAN (via Instagram)

Lastly, never forget to accessorize. Adding bits and pieces like gold and silver can truly make a difference. This can be done in a minimal way like dainty gold hoops with sleek sunglasses, or a chunky necklace if you want to add a little quirk to your ensemble. Either way, it’s a given fact that accessorizing can save any plain outfit.

How to Style the White Button-Down
Photo: JASMINE TOOKES (via Instagram)

Featured Image: ELSA HOSK (via Instagram)

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