How To Train Your Partner To Be An Instagram Boyfriend Like James Reid

How To Train Your Partner To Be An Instagram Boyfriend Like James Reid


Ever wanted amazing photos for your curated feed like Nadine Lustre? While an Instagram boyfriend like James Reid would be key, we bring you the next best thing: his own master tips on how he takes the best photos of Nadine!

We’ve all been there. Whether we’re out traveling or just feeling especially cute that day, we always need someone to take our photos. And who better to take it than the one who’s constantly by our side, right? However, do you find that special someone sometimes lacks the know-how on taking our best photos? Don’t worry—one of our fave Instagram boyfriends James Reid spills his master tips on how he takes amazing photos of his girlfriend Nadine.
Nadine is known to have constant #FeedGoals content, and James is responsible for most of her amazing photos. So we sat down with him after his electric performance at the Fujifilm X-T100 event to give us the top 3 things he considers when taking photos of Nadine!

Everything looks better with natural lighting, especially when you’re at the beach. Time sunlight that’s not too bright nor overcast. Early mornings and sunsets are the best times to photograph people in natural light.

Choosing the right backdrop for your subject is just as important as your subject itself. Try experimenting with foregrounds and negative space to give your photo a more dynamic feel.

Fun fact: James and Nadine share the same facial angle which is their left. Find out what the preferred angle of your subject is (chances are he or she is more comfortable with it) and build from there. Have fun shooting!
Check out the tips from James himself!


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