How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe with the Latest Trends

How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe with the Latest Trends


The cycle of fashion often works like a swing. You’ll see the latest fad being worn out in the streets and, after some time, they’re already old news from yesterday. It’s a hit or miss for those who like to follow the flow of fashion, but there are those who prefer to do it on their own terms. The premise of upgrading your wardrobe is that you can achieve it by incorporating micro trends simply because it updates your wardrobe and keeps you in tune with the latest looks, giving you a refreshed style.

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Choose the aesthetic

The macro trend we spotted is the affinity towards decade dressing, hence why most micro trends veer towards the 2000s until the 1800s. It’s why we got midi skirts and slinky dresses, as well as ruffles and corsets.

Angelique Manto Youthful Dressing
Photo: Angelique Manto (via Instagram)
Rhian Ramos Youthful Dressing
Photo: Rhian Ramos (via Instagram)

With the variety of micro trends we have today, it’s best to pick one or two that match your style the most.

Curate the clothes

One thing to keep in mind after choosing your preferred micro trend is to figure out which clothes would blend easily with your current styles. An example of this would be adding cargo pants or casual graphic tees to your wardrobe, making it a subtle Y2K-inspired look.

Anne Curtis Youthful Dressing
Photo: Anne Curtis (via Instagram)
Arci Muñoz Youthful Dressing
Photo: Arci Muñoz (via Instagram)

It’s best not to go overboard when it comes to stocking up the pieces. Always keep in mind that you’re incorporating the aesthetic to your style, and not changing your entire wardrobe.

It’s all in the details

Accessories can make or break an outfit since they are the finishing touches of your overall look. You can opt to have the trendiest accessories for an up-to-date feel, contemporary picks that go well with any outfit, or a vintage selection for a classic finish. It’s open to any interpretation as long as it elevates your entire ensemble.

Heart Evangelista Youthful Dressing
Photo: Heart Evangelista (via Instagram)
Sarah Lahbati Youthful Dressing
Photo: Sarah Lahbati (via Instagram)

Featured Image: HEART EVANGELISTA (via Instagram)

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