How to Wear Boots According to Your Favorite Local Influencers

How to Wear Boots According to Your Favorite Local Influencers


You might be thinking it’s impossible to wear boots in a tropical country like the Philippines, but think again

These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do! One of these days, you can walk all over Manila in them, too. You just need the perfect boots for the tropical weather and the right outfit to match it. Although, what are the perfect pair of boots anyway?

Usually, these footwear are made for cold climates, which makes them heavier, weather resistant, and lined with something fuzzy to keep you warm. Since we’re in the Philippines, you don’t really need any of those, but you do need the sole to be wearable in hot weather. This means getting a rubber sole, combination sole, or any other lightweight sole available, so they’ll be lighter on your feet and easier for you to walk around in. Once you’ve got your boots, you’re now ready to style them.

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No matter what you do, boots will still be hotter than your average sandal. So, it’s best to pair them with skirts and shorts in light weight material to even everything out. But if you’re still a little confused, you can take notes from these fashionable local influencers.

Zoie Garcia in monochromatic black

A good go-to look would definitely be an all-black monochromatic outfit like Zoie Garcia. Besides, we’ve got a seal of approval from Gucci-wearing Andy Sachs of The Devil Wears Prada.

Lierge Perey channeling sexy minimalism

A crop top paired with boots? You can only do that in tropical climates like the Philippines. Make the most of our summery weather by trying out Lierge Perey’s way of styling boots.

Janeena Chan keeping it comfy in nudes

You don’t have to wear something skintight when pairing your outfit with boots. You can opt for something chill like Janeena Chan’s long-sleeved mini dress.

Ashley Garcia experimenting with lengths

Midi skirts are the secret to a fashionable way of wearing your knee-high boots. Ashley Garcia brings out her style savviness with this fashion hack.

Aika Agustin in a dainty silk number

Boots don’t necessarily mean grunge all the time. You can take notes from Aika Agustin who wore her boots with a dainty silk dress and paired with sunglasses.

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