How Your Favorite Celebrities Like to Multitask Their Makeup Products

How Your Favorite Celebrities Like to Multitask Their Makeup Products


In the past, lipstick simply used to be lipstick, the way other products were used just for one purpose. Nowadays, individuals are a lot more creative, multitasking their favorite makeup products and saving precious space in their makeup bags. Some of our favorite celebrities are no exception:
1. Concealer as lipstick – Gigi Hadid
A self-proclaimed nude lipstick enthusiast, Gigi shares her hack for the perfect nude lipstick: concealer. “In high school, my first makeup was Maybelline 24 Hour Concealer, and I used to put it on my lips because I hated how dark my lips were. And I still do that,” the model shares to W Magazine.
2. Highlighter as eyeshadow – Selena Gomez
If you want to step up your glow, take inspiration from Selena Gomez and use highlighter on your eyelids as well. The star learned the trick from her talented makeup artist Hung Vanngo.
3. Eyeliner as lipstick – Kylie Jenner
You can trust Kylie for her knowledge of all things makeup. Before she created her own lipstick line, the star used black eyeliner instead of matte black lipstick. “Black Lips Forever. I used black eyeliner when it wasn’t easy to find matte black lipstick,” she wrote on Instagram.
4. Lipstick as highlighter – Emmy Rossum
“Having a lipstick that has jojoba oil and other things in it that makes it feel really nice,” Emmy told People, adding, “In lieu of highlighter, put some on your cheekbones, above your cupids bow, and down your nose—it makes your face look really healthy and moisturized.” Who knew that achieving a natural-looking glow was so simple?
5. Bronzer as eyeshadow – Kendall Jenner
If you want an eyeshadow with a little something extra, try Kendall’s hack, which replaces it with bronzer instead. In a video for Vogue, the model shared that she uses bronzer for a golden look and for extra warmth.

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