Why Hyun Bin Is The Perfect First Korean Global Ambassador of OMEGA

Why Hyun Bin Is The Perfect First Korean Global Ambassador of OMEGA


Seems like the captain didn’t just crash-land in South Korea. This time, he’s about to take over the entire world being OMEGA’s global ambassador.

Following the colossal success of his hit-series, Crash Landing On You, with fellow star Son Ye Jin, we have seen how actor Hyun Bin has been dominating the hearts of many women across the globe. Not only did he successfully penetrate the Korean market; rather he also captivated South East Asia, especially the Philippines, in just a few months.

Apart from that recent triumph, he has been in the industry for so long now appearing in many leading roles in television and film. In fact, he has already been acknowledged through a number of prestigious award nominations and wins, including the Grand Prize for TV at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Hyun Bin OMEGA

Because of these great feats, he has been doing non-stop collaborations and landing big deals with various brands. And one of which is none other than luxury Swiss watchmaker, OMEGA, who recently announced  Hyun Bin as the first-ever global Korean ambassador joining its roster of A-list stars—from Daniel Craig, George Clooney, and Nicole Kidman, to name a few.

“Hyun-Bin shows a great skill for his character performances, always delivered with confidence and quality. We truly admire the excellence and attention-to-detail he brings to his work, which are values we also share at OMEGA,” its President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann shares. “Furthermore, he is a man of impeccable style and we’re looking forward to bringing him together with our most illustrious timepieces.”

The Perfect First

It’s inarguably a fresh sight to see the upward trend of Asians being given the same spotlight as that of the western celebrities. Slowly and surely, the worlds of the East and the West are finally merging, hence, having a good balance of representation. And this goes the same for luxury brands, especially for prestigious names such as OMEGA, who are keen on tapping stars like Hyun Bin.

In Crash Landing On You, one of the main highlights of the story was the brotherly love between Captain Ri (played by Hyun Bin) and Mu Hyeok (portrayed by Ha Seok-jin). And one significant thing that the two hold close to themselves as a reminder of their familial love was a timepiece. It was so special to the extent that an austere, stern army member like Captain Ri broke down into tears upon reclaiming it and remembering his late brother.

So, as timepieces serve as a significant memory passed on through generations or in this case even within siblings, Hyun Bin’s impeccable portrayal of the emotions of the protagonist proves to us that he knows the importance of being bestowed a special timepiece. It holds memories of momentous milestones in life.

Hyun Bin OMEGA

According to Hyun-Bin: “OMEGA’s pioneering spirit and the quest for innovation has endured throughout the times, and has created many ‘first steps’ in history.” As an ambassador, he only hopes that he can deliver OMEGA’s philosophy and message, creating “new footprints together” just like how he was able to perfectly convey the message that the CLOY series wanted to share with its audience. Because of his dedication to his craft and discernment of the noteworthiness of influencing others, this only attests that Hyun Bin deserves to be the first Korean global ambassador of the storied luxury house.

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