Hyundai Drives Cultural Diplomacy as It Celebrates 75 Years of Filipino-Korean Ties

Hyundai Drives Cultural Diplomacy as It Celebrates 75 Years of Filipino-Korean Ties


Hosted by Hyundai Motor Philippines, Inc., the event marks a milestone celebration of the friendship between the Philippines and Korea that supports art, fashion, and music.

Relationships are the engines that accelerate the wheels of our lives; Cultural relationships, in the same spectrum, are finely tuned automobiles, propelling us forward on the highways of shared experiences. As the Philippines and Korea celebrate 75 years of diplomatic ties in 2024, the significance of this bond cannot be overstated. It is more than political alliances or economic agreements, but rather the profound exchange of ideas, values, and experiences that have shaped both nations. With the recent Hyundai Motor Philippines, Inc. (HMPH) event, the turbocharged powerhouse revs up the engines of cultural diplomacy.

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Glyn Alley Magtibay, Glady Rose Pantua, Leeroy New, and Amor Albano,

From Manila to Seoul, the exchange between these two countries has been a source of mutual enrichment. Entitled “Partnership Beyond Borders”, the event becomes a pit stop that recharges through the industries of art, fashion, and music, with the new electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 at its center.

HMPH President Mr. Dongwook Lee, Mandaluyong City Administrator Mr. Ernesto Victorino, KCC Director Mr. Myeongjin Kim, and HMPH Managing Director Mr. Cecil Capacete

Friday’s festivities commenced with a kulintang drum performance, harmonizing the rhythms of Korean and Filipino instruments, courtesy of the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) and Pilipino Etniko Ritmo Kanta sa Sayaw (PERKS). The event was attended by HMPH executives including Mr. Dongwook Lee, President, and Mr. Cecil Capacete, Managing Director, Mr. Myeongjin Kim, Director of the Korean Cultural Center, and Mr. Ernesto Victorino, City Administrator of Mandaluyong, representing the City’s support and participation in this celebration of cross-cultural collaboration. Adding to the excitement was a fashion show highlighting the intertwined influences of Filipino and Korean culture.

Glyn Alley Magtibay

Glyn Alley Magtibay’s Synthesia holds discarded X-rays as it elevates baro’t saya and hanbok

Starting this creative drive is “Synthesia”, a unique drive of Filipino baro’t saya and Korean Hanbok designed by Glyn Alley Magtibay, hailing from Oriental Mindoro. Magtibay’s approach repurposes discarded X-rays, giving them an updated look as stylish attire. Through this method, Magtibay encourages new designers to think outside the box and find beauty in unconventional materials, steering the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future.

Amor Albano

Amor Albano’s East Meets Amore takes the wrappers of Filipino delicacies to craft this vibrant creation

Meanwhile, from the scenic province of Ilocos, designer Amor Albano shifts into high gear, drawing inspiration from the humble wrappers of Filipino delicacies to make “East Meets Amore: A Fusion of Korean and Filipino.” Albano’s creation smoothly marries the refinement of Filipiniana with the fineness of Hanbok with an eye-catching color palette of the vibrant hues of sampaguita and the delicate blooms of cherry blossoms. In this combination of cultures, Albano accelerates towards an exchange of heritage.

Glady Rose Pantua

Glady Rose Pantua’s Strange Beauty interacts with elements from the two regions

Contributing to Filipino-Korean relationship is “Strange Beauty”, a creation by Glady Rose Pantua from Zamboanga City. Pantua’s piece adds elements from both cultures, including intricate tassels, pearl beads, and authentic Yakan fabric from Basilan in Sulu. Through her work, Pantua promotes the utilization of locally sourced materials, preserving cultural heritage through fashion.

Leeroy New

Leeroy New’s Carapace Biosuit is made with sawdust

Rounding out this celebration is Leeroy New’s innovative “Carapace BioSuit”, an example of wearable art crafted from reconstituted sawdust. Complementing this fashion piece is “Bioniq 1.0”, a striking ceiling installation that reimagines the Hyundai IONIQ 5. Made with precision, this larger-than-life sculpture attracts viewers with its valiant vision and sustainable ethos. Utilizing biodegradable and renewable materials such as bamboo, rattan, and copper grounds, the designer brings forth the intersection of art and environmental responsibility. With attention to detail, New showcased the possibility of eco-conscious design.

Leeroy New’s art installation reimagines the Hyundai IONIQ 5

Relationships steer us through the twists and turns of human connection, fueled by mutual understanding and respect, as they drive us toward unity and collaboration. In the dynamic of global affairs, the Philippines and Korea have long been cruising in the fast lane of cultural exchange, never needing a stopover to acknowledge and support each other’s existence.

Photos and Featured Image: HYUNDAI MOTOR PHILIPPINES, INC.

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