I Got It From My Mother—Stylish Women Share Style Tips From Their Mother

I Got It From My Mother—Stylish Women Share Style Tips From Their Mother


When Mothers are “Mothering”. Way before we had learned how to read fashion books and magazines, or followed fashion influencers, our mothers served as our first and OG fashion icons

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All hail the mothers who work tirelessly to give us a good life, impart to us the most meaningful lessons and values, and love us without questions nor bounds. To our heroes, we are equally thankful for the gift of life—and the gift of shoes, bags, jewelry, dresses, and all things beautiful.

For fashion geeks, our mothers truly were the first influencers we looked up to, and the ones who showed us the way of the sartorial world. As children, we wore her shoes that were three times bigger than our feet. We swiped on her lipstick—and perhaps broken a few of them. We sprayed on her perfume. We pirouette in her dresses when no one was watching.

In honor of our OG fashion icons, we bring together stylish women and asked them what fashion tips they got from their mothers.

Rissa Mananquil Trillo

Rissa Mananquil Trillo
Rissa with her mom, Millet Mananquil, during her youth

Growing up, whenever our parents took us on trips, my mom pointed out that while my siblings were drawn to toy stores, I was already captivated by window displays, observing women’s fashion on the streets, and noticing how they styled their hair and makeup.

I try to always take in beauty and good design with all my senses wherever I go. My mom would constantly encourage me to expose myself to things of genuine quality—whether it’s fashion, furniture, or beautiful flowers. Here are three fashion philosophies I embrace, because of her, that I will also pass on to my daughters: 1) A fashion ensemble should be comfortable enough for the wearer to forget about it but fabulous enough to be remembered by those who see it. 2) Never ignore a garment just because the label is unfamiliar. 3) Vintage stores are like style museums—you can learn even if you don’t care to buy.

Mandy Romero

Mandy Romero
Shiela and Mandy Romero at the MEGA Ball: Fashion + Art

When I was a young girl, I would watch my mom with wide-eyed admiration as she went through her closet and would decide what to wear. My mom taught me that accent pieces can elevate any outfit — whether that’s through a pop of color or bold jewelry. Accent pieces draw attention, but at the same time, bring balance to the outfit.

Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis
Carmencita Ojales with Anne’s daughter Dahlia

Denim shorts are a staple in your closet!

Iza Calzado Wintle

Iza Calzado
Maria Antonia Ussher, Iza Calzado’s mother

What I do remember about my mom is that she had a capsule closet collection and she was so good at mixing and matching stuff. She designed her own clothes and would buy the fabric from Kamuning in Quezon City. She would then work with the designer to bring her vision to life. She would have been an amazing influencer if she were still around. I hope I get to finally get to have a capsule closet, too—sooner rather than later. 

Camille Co-Koro

Camille Co
Camille with her mom, Catalina Co, on her wedding day

My mom has always been particular about looking presentable, so she taught me that no matter what you’re wearing, make sure it’s neatly pressed and worn properly.

Hannah Pangilinan

Hannah Pangilinan
Hannah with her mom, Maricel Laxa

If you can own it, wear it!

Samantha Sadwani

Samantha Sadwani
Samantha with her mom, Apples Aberin

My mom has always been one of my fashion inspiration in all things! Her style, in my opinion, is the perfect blend of classic and chic. 

One of the most valuable style tips I’ve learned from her is to invest in timeless pieces. She taught me that investing in well-made pieces like a little black dress can already help you create such a versatile wardrobe. 

My mom is also really good at incorporating accent pieces that never fail to elevate her look. Whether it’s a statement necklace or a bold pair of shoes, she knows how to add the right pieces to complement, rather than overpower, her ensembles. 

Her style is a great reminder to me that fashion isn’t just about following trends, but about curating looks that feel like your own.

Apples Aberin

Apples Aberin
Apples’ mother, Ophie Dee

One, less is more. My mom always looks effortlessly chic and stylish because she dresses with restraint. She never piles on jewelry, opts for classic silhouettes and wears monochromatic colors, neutrals mostly. These work because the overall look reflects her refinement and femininity. Two, quality over quantity. Way before sustainability was a buzz word, my mom already invested in quality pieces that won’t end up in landfills. She has classic pieces, like cashmere twinsets, that she has worn over the years and still look as classy and current today, depending on how she wears them. And three, good grooming and dressing appropriately are musts! Mom is super low maintenance. She hardly wears makeup, only visits the salon for haircuts, and doesn’t go to the dermatologist for treatments. But she always looks fresh, polished and presentable (not to mention, ageless). Her choices of outfits are on point all the time, and she inspires trust with her confident demeanor.

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