Icon Meets Icon: Lisa Manoban Wears the Buglari Montene Collection with a Modern Edge

Icon Meets Icon: Lisa Manoban Wears the Buglari Montene Collection with a Modern Edge


History is redefined as Bulgari mints luxury with artifacts through their Montene high jewelry collection, worn by Lisa Manoban at Paris Fashion Week

Jewelry has a distinct significance, bearing sentimental value that spans generations and intertwines our histories. Like treasured heirlooms, these pieces exert a magnetic pull, drawing us to relics of the past that pave the way toward our future. Bulgari’s renowned Montene jewelry collection is a respected icon, one that meets another: Lisa Manoban. At the Bulgari Hotel during Paris Fashion Week, the BLACKPINK member demonstrates traditional splendor transformed into contemporary grandeur. 

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These luxurious jewelry pieces mount a special case in history: antique coins that trace their roots back to ancient Rome. They cover a long-standing tradition in jewelry craftsmanship. Fueling this tradition was Nicola Bulgari, an avid coin collector whose passion inspired the introduction of Bulgari Monete jewels in the 1960s. Each piece bears witness to the unaltered structure of the coin, with mounts meticulously crafted to accentuate their contours, showcasing the play of contrasts that defines these creations.

Lisa Manoban Wears the Iconic Buglari Montene Jewelry Collection MEGA
Bulgari Global Brand Ambassador Lisa Manoban wears the Montene jewelry collection

In 1966, Bulgari unveiled its premiere coin jewels, marrying elegance with modernity. These exquisite pieces became educational tools, engraved with the names of emperors, their reign dates, and the coin types. This element became a permanent fixture of Bulgari’s coin collections, adding a layer of historical depth to each exquisite creation.

Driven by a deep-seated passion for integrating Rome’s imperial beauty into its designs, Bulgari has revolutionized the perception of ancient artifacts for today’s women. The Monete necklace exemplifies this commitment by combining a 2,000-year-old coin with a daring, new setting. Bulgari’s tandem captures the immutable spirit of Rome, enriching each piece with an enhancement that outshines time.

Lisa Manoban, striking in her role as Bulgari’s Global Brand Ambassador, easily embraced the brand’s core while wearing the High Jewelry Monete necklaces. Each item, an artwork in its own right, emitted a unique charm that complemented Lisa’s stylishly modern poise. 

Lisa Manoban Wears the Iconic Buglari Montene Jewelry Collection MEGA
Lisa wears the Bulgari High Jewelry Monete necklace in 18kt rose gold with an antique silver coin

Lisa adorned her neckline with the Bvlgari High Jewelry Monete necklace in 18kt rose gold, which included an antique silver coin from the Roman Republic era, around 225-214 B.C., reflecting an effective pairing of history and luxury. The juxtaposition of ancient treasures and today’s surroundings displays Bulgari’s dedication to reinventing beauty through contrast.

Furthermore, Lisa dazzled in the High Jewelry Monete necklace in pink gold, adorned with nine silver coins hailing from the Roman Empire. Each coin, a relic of a bygone era, tells a story of power, opulence, and enduring legacy. From Iulia Domna Augusta to Caracalla Augustus, these coins symbolize the illustrious history of Rome, meticulously preserved and elevated by Bulgari’s craftsmanship.

Lisa Manoban Wears the Iconic Buglari Montene Jewelry Collection MEGA
The Bulgari High Jewelry Monete necklace in pink gold with 9 silver coins is also worn

Lisa Manoban’s presence at Paris Fashion Week, bedecked in Bulgari’s High Jewelry Monete necklaces, epitomizes the synergetic relationship between the brand’s legacy. Through a masterful meld of history and luxury, Bulgari continues to fascinate the world with this knowledge. It allows us to carry heirlooms of the past, held on to present hands, moving toward the future yet to be minted.

Photos and Featured Image: BULGARI

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