Illo’s Group is Taking Center Stage in the Culinary World

Illo’s Group is Taking Center Stage in the Culinary World


From a makeshift kitchen to becoming experts at creating delightful dining experiences, Illo’s Group is now constantly in motion—and they’re not planning on stopping anytime soon.

Every business starts from the ground up—and entrepreneurs will agree that it is not easy. For Illo’s Group, what began as several failed business attempts and a small venture in a makeshift kitchen is now taking center stage in the culinary world. The visionary minds behind the business are founder and CEO Chef N Rovillos and COO Maq Agapito, with their grit and determination, pushed Illo’s Group into the thriving business that it is now helming an elevated buffet experience, heartfelt celebrations around your family dinner table, unforgettable dining experiences, and more.

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Chef N champions Dine at Home and Celebrate Life Every Day at Illo’s Group

The core of Illo’s Group? Good food and a celebration of life. As food is a central part of our Filipino culture, Chef N shares that any experience is elevated and any memory is fortified through great food. Also, more than the quality, it is through the business’ culinary innovation and the maker of the meal’s hunger for ‘more’ and ‘new’ that “humanizes our cuisines into real human connections,” he says.

Home is where the hearty meals are

Illo’s Party Trays brings the celebration right into your homes. The spotlight on Illo’s Group and its culinary prowess comes from Chef N and Maq’s vision of wanting to elevate the dining experience by bringing exceptional Filipino tastes right to your doorstep. The chicken galantine, seafood paella, Italian porchetta, and baked salmon are some of their signature gourmet dishes.

Illo’s Party Trays takes you into a complete gastronomic journey 

Filipinos are an ever-festive bunch, and as long as there are celebrations to be made, Illo’s will always be ready to deliver the flavors of home one tray at a time.

A plateful of possibilities

An extraordinary meal comes from an extraordinary belief in the people driving the business. Illo’s Group’s commitment to its community is a deeply held belief, their guiding principle, the cornerstone of their success today. Chef N says, “We’ve seen how food brings people together. It’s a universal language that transcends boundaries. That’s why we’re not just in the business of serving food; we’re in the business of fostering connections.”

Illo’s Group’s creations are a plethora of flavor and aroma

Maq and Chef N shaped this culture with a shared vision and a wide range of skills—to deliver exceptional culinary craftsmanship. The heart and passion of the enterprise, beyond the perfected flavors on the plate, is what really drives Illo’s Group and holds it together. The duo focused on investing in their people and provided them not just with a workplace, but a community where food is shared with cherished companions.

Illo’s Group brings people together through their culinary creations

In Maq’s words, Illo’s is not just a workplace; it’s a platform for dreams to take flight—and his dream, together with Chef N’s, is now a reality. The thriving business venture that they have built is a testament to their tenacious spirit, passion, and grounding principles. Illo’s Group both a business and a celebration of life itself. With over a million followers and several branches, Illo’s Group is unstoppable, and the future holds a promise of even greater possibilities for the enterprise.

Illo’s Group’s Home Buffet is an unforgettable dining experience
Enjoy a delicious all-you-can-eat spread of appetizers, entrees, and desserts 

Photos: Illo’s Group

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