Inside The 4 New PH Studios That Lit Up The MEGA Millennial Ball

Inside The 4 New PH Studios That Lit Up The MEGA Millennial Ball


For the past 4 years, The MEGA Millennial Ball has been a much-anticipated night of independence, individualism and strength that brings together the young and the driven. This year, from the biggest and brightest names in the fashion industry to the most iconic celebrities, the coalescence exuded glamour like no other with the much talked about theme of the night, “Maximum Exposure.”

And as the celebration unfolds, four of the most notable fashion photographers of the country have set up individual booths with lavish vignettes, especially made for the ball. Exhibiting their carefully curated sets are Mark Nicdao, Shaira Luna, Dookie Ducay and Xander Angeles, projecting their individual personalities in their respective spaces where guests can enjoy themselves and have their photos taken. Take a look at the diverse arrangements of each studio:

Lights, Camera, Action

Dookie Ducay

Dookie Ducay creates a motion picturesque aesthetic by playing with the fixtures of a film set.

Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

Frames and mirrors—Xander Angeles displays a rustic tone that accentuates beauty.

Once Upon A Dream

Shaira Luna

Straight from a classic fairy tale, Shaira Luna brings out a calm and youthful exuberance.


Dream Within A Dream

The MEGA Millennial Ball won’t be complete without Mark Nicdao. His traditional unique setup gave the illusion of endless reflections.


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