Instagram Models You Need To Follow Right Now (Spoiler Alert: They Are Not Real!)

Instagram Models You Need To Follow Right Now (Spoiler Alert: They Are Not Real!)


These virtual Instagram models will blow your mind and make you question reality.
It isn’t the first time when we’ve seen fashion and science collaborate. Dolce & Gabbana sent drones to model their bags at the Milan Fashion Week. But just when we thought that 2018 couldn’t get any crazier, virtual models start to rule the internet. And these two models are probably the root cause of it all.
Get to know two of Instagram’s virtual models that got the attention of celebrities like Rihanna, and brands like Prada:

This crazy beautiful, ultra realistic virtual Instagram model is Shudu. Created by Cameron-James Wilson, this CGI model got the internet talking because of its incredible beauty that wowed even Rihanna herself.
The buzz around Shudu intensified after Fenty Beauty reposted a photo of her wearing their Saw-C lipstick. Rihanna’s team reached out to her to attempt a contract with the model. But Shudu’s creator had to come clean after the debate surrounding her reality.

Lil Miquela
The drama surrounding Lil Miquela is so good, you’d wish she was real.
This virtual model shot to fame in 2016 when the quiet world of Instagram was blessed by her appearance. Speculations on her purpose sparked debates from normal people to big shot YouTubers like Shane Dawson.
But even CGI models get involved in some kind of drama. After being hacked by trump supporter and another CGI model Bermuda, Lil Miquela was forced to admit that she is a virtual model. (As if no one knew that already!)
Miquela is currently busy working as an influencer working with brands such as Moncler, Kenzo, and Prada. She even released her own line for Barneys New York in collaboration with Ambush.
Oh, did we mention that she’s also a recording artist?

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