Your Instax Game Will Never Be The Same With All These Awesome Updates

Your Instax Game Will Never Be The Same With All These Awesome Updates


Instax just upped their instant photo game and you’re not gonna want to miss it!

Instant photos are one of a kind memoirs. They’re personal, nostalgic, and really aesthetically pleasing. Who doesn’t love an aesthetic reminder of the best moments of their lives? I know I want that. It’s probably the reason why many of us love Instax. And they simply have no chill when it comes to giving us all the best instant photo experience!
Just when we thought that it can’t get any better, Fujifilm gives us extreme updates that would make us want to upgrade. Ready for the ultimate instant photo experience? Read on to learn more about the new Instax Square SQ6!

Selfie Friendly

Our old Instax can be pretty tricky. With the right lighting, we can really look good in our photos but sometimes, we all look just like Flashback Mary. Yikes! But not with the new Square SQ6! It now has an Automatic Exposure Control that instantly brightens your photo’s subject and background no matter how bright or dark it is! And get this, your selfies will be just as great with the Selfie Mode and Selfie Mirror that automatically adjusts brightness and focal length to the right level to instantly up your selfie game!

Up Close Or Far Beyond

Distance doesn’t matter when it comes to this camera. If you’re into taking detail photos, the camera’s Macro Mode allows you to capture subjects from a close range of 30cm-50cm. But if wide shots are your thing, the Landscape Mode will be your best friend, letting you capture the best sights and sceneries from two meters and beyond! Just how cool is that?

Creative Modes and Filters

There are moments that we just can’t help but feel artsy. And the Square SQ6’s modes are really fun to play with! You have the Double Exposure Mode where you can get two images in the same print by simply pressing the shutter twice. The Light/Dark Mode will let you brighten or darken your photo to your heart’s desire. Now, this could be the coolest feature yet: Colored Flash Filters. Yes, the flash filters let you change the color of your photo from orange to purple, and even green!

Be Square!

Skip the hassle of choosing between formats because with he Square SQ6—as the name says—comes in a square format that’s more convenient and spacious than the previous formats! The camera itself is also light and portable making it easier to bring anywhere you go! We can go on and on about how cool and awesome the new Square SQ6 is.
Experience the new square Instax from Fujifilm and see it for yourself!
The new Instax Square SQ6 is available in Blush Gold, Graphite Gray, and Pearl White for P7,999 at Fujifilm authorized dealers nationwide.

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