Into The Wild: The Jungle Circuit Party Revival

Into The Wild: The Jungle Circuit Party Revival


The country’s premier circuit party is back, and it is bigger than ever.

The pandemic left the nightlife scene in ruins. For many of us in the LGBTQIA+ community, this is an integral vehicle for our social and cultural lives. Nightclubs and bars are meant to be sanctuaries where we can feel like we belong.

Kris Nuevo Events Management knew there was a need for community connection amidst isolation and anxiety. Hence, a way was found to convert our safe space into the digital realm and allow queer artists to survive and thrive. When lockdown restrictions loosened and the nightlife came back in full swing, it brought back Jungle Circuit Party, beginning with painting La Union and Davao in rainbow colors. 

Over the past Halloween weekend, Manila experienced a high dosage of verve to celebrate this queer holiday’s madness. To make up for a lost time after a two-year break, as well as to mark the 16th year of Kris Nuevo Events Management in the industry, Jungle Circuit Party assembled a remarkable lineup of queer artists for an otherworldly party experience at The Shooting Gallery Studios in Makati. Titled Ultraverse, it promised to create a top-notch experience that would celebrate our fantasies across all universes and land on a dimension so electrifying and captivating, a world free from discrimination and fueled only by our wildest imagination.

To give back to the community, the event was also used as a fundraiser for Red Whistle, an NGO promoting HIV awareness, SOGIE equality, mental health, and LGBTQIA+ rights.

Music is the pulse of a party. To this effect, the Halloween ball was headlined by a Brazilian DJ based in Zurich, DJ AllyssonLuis, who is known for his passion for house and tribal music. His energetic beats reverberated with the fantastic show of lights, almost as if they gave life to the enormous intergalactic jellyfish hanging above the ceiling. Opening for him was Kat DJ, who satisfied our thirst with some 90s anthems, and closing the festivities was crowd-favorite DJ Mike Lavet, who conducted the music with a tidal wave of EDM. In between sets were live performances by Turing, Prince, Myx Chanel, Matilduh, and the first Filipino Drag Race Superstar, Precious Paula Nicole.

Beyond the music, the dancing, and the spectacle, this was a more profound shared experience with the people in our community and celebrating our culture. It’s liberating to realize that there are people who have been through similar joys and struggles with us. To have one night to enjoy that out of all the days of the week is a gift. It’s very fulfilling to witness the scene back in full swing.

Alexa, play I Love The Nightlife by Alicia Bridges!

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