Introducing Gabbie Mariano—Your Next Style And Luxury Inspiration

Introducing Gabbie Mariano—Your Next Style And Luxury Inspiration


This is an excerpt from MEGA’s September 2023 Stylephile feature


Since quitting his corporate job in the middle of the pandemic, Gabbie Mariano has set his focus on digital content creation—mainly on Tiktok. From research and conceptualization to execution and editing, his fashion and lifestyle-centered content are all products of his creativity. This has also given Mariano a lot more time to hone his passions, such as visual design and baking. 

“I consider myself an advocate of sustainability and mindful consumption—carefully curating my wardrobe with pieces that I will get the most wear out of,” the content creator says. “I like supporting local businesses and designers, as well as shopping on online platforms that champion circular fashion. To add to that, I proudly consider myself a serial outfit repeater.”

While Mariano believes that he has quite a good grasp of himself as a person, he also thinks that self-discovery is lifelong. It can be achieved through exploring hobbies and passions, immersing oneself in new experiences, and indulging in major introspection. But, one thing’s for sure: He most definitely feels at peace with who he is today, one who is in constant pursuit of his best self and wakes up each day better than he was the day before.

Top, jacket, and bag by GUCCI, Pants by UNIQLO, Jewelry by CARTIER, Watch by ROLEX, and Shoes by PRADA


Can you tell us about the exact moment you first fell in love with fashion? Who are your style inspirations and how did they influence your current style?

I was really into Scooby Doo [animated TV series] growing up, and I always thought Daphne and Fred were incredibly stylish. I have a fondness for the modest tailoring of the ’60s—you’ll find quite a few collared shirts and moccasins in my wardrobe. The “King of Cool” Steve McQueen is also one of my biggest style icons. I can’t resist a nice leather jacket or double breasted blazer. I always aspire to dress casual but sharp like he did.

What is your most memorable fashion moment? How about your least favorite?

My favorite fashion moment is from many, many Christmases ago. I was about two or three, and in a Ralph Lauren tartan holiday suit. It’s one of my favorite photos from my baby album. In more recent years, another favorite of mine would be the Gabbie Sarenas barong I wore to my graduation in 2015. The custom embroideries were elements you could find within the Ateneo wild, which I chose. My least favorite might have to be knee-ripped skinny jeans. I thought they were really cool at the time, but I seriously cringe when I look back at them.

Top by GABBIE SARENAS, Undershirt by ZARA, Pants by CARL JAN CRUZ, Watch by ROLEX, Bag by BULGARI, and Shoes by SANDRO

If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? What’s your ultimate closet staple?

That might have to be a camp collar shirt, pleated trousers, and either a pair of loafers or white leather sneakers. A pair of tailored trousers would have to be my ultimate closet staple. They are simple but undeniably chic and can elevate any look.

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