Harmonious Living: Irene Lopez’s Key to Achieving Milestones

Harmonious Living: Irene Lopez’s Key to Achieving Milestones


Forging her path to achieving milestones of ascending heights, President and CEO of Body Mechanic Irene Lopez embraces an ideal lifestyle of a fulfilling work and life balance in a place of opportunities

Dreams are imagined possibilities of the future that profoundly appeal to our ideal life, which ultimately sets off the beginning of our journey that would shape our way forward. By pursuing our passion and goals, we take an active part in growing toward our potential. For Physical Therapist and Body Mechanic CEO and President Irene Lopez, her story began in the most unlikeliest of places—the hospital.

A redirection

“I grew up in a hospital because I had a heart condition, so I told myself I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to help people,” Lopez shared. However, life is known to be a marker of change and progress, and Lopez adapted to these shifting tides. Taking Physical Therapy as her pre-med course, she fell deeply in love with it. 

Physical Therapist and Body Mechanic CEO and President Irene Lopez
Physical Therapist and Body Mechanic CEO and President Irene Lopez at Body Mechanic at L3 East Wing, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City

“Physical Therapy is different. It’s more personal. You get to touch people’s lives in various ways and be part of the recovery the whole way,” Lopez explained, adding that while doctors add years to our lives, physical therapists “add quality to your life by making you pain-free.” This journey to healing includes exercises to fix how the body works. 

Lopez followed her heart and spent nine years as a freelance Physical Therapist. She would drive around the city from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., going from one house to another. “I didn’t know where I was headed back then,” Lopez admitted, unsure of her future. But through hard work, perseverance, and strong faith, she eventually found her footing in the most suitable place to set up her dream life: Capitol Commons in Pasig, a mixed-use development built by Ortigas Land.

Creating Harmony

Irene Lopez
Lopez believes that by showing women how to care for their bodies, physical therapy boosts their ability to live life to the fullest at home and work
Irene lopez estancia mall ortigas land
There’s nothing like the comfort of Irene’s home, where everything is within reach

Striving for a harmonious life means balancing work and personal life. Lopez found this lifestyle in Capitol Commons, where she can live, work, and play with everything she wants and needs within reach.

“I decided to live in one of the towers of Capitol Commons because I like how I’m in the middle of everything,” Lopez said, where her home is a small pocket of haven in the city that feels secluded and not too crowded. 

Irene Lopez in Capitol Commons park
Lopez and her dog, Kali, stroll the park of Capitol Commons

Lopez also enjoys the comfort and convenience her home provides. “It makes me efficient, and I can give my time to more important things. I can also walk my dog in the park and get my coffee or lunch, even in the middle of a hectic day,” she detailed, emphasizing how she can finally maximize her time and make every moment count. 

Body Mechanic is a Physical Therapy studio that tackles body issues and teaches better ways to move and do things
Consultation Rooms are equipped with tools and equipment necessary for evaluating posture, mobility, and muscular function

Moreover, Lopez also established her physical therapy studio, Body Mechanic, in Level 3, East Wing, Estancia Mall to expand her client base. With a great location for her business, she’s confident that she and her skilled physiotherapists can offer holistic health for all by tackling body issues and teaching better ways to move and do things.

“Capitol Commons is the heart of my life because this is where my business started,” she remarked. “I had a lot of opportunities here. Soon, we’ll expand Body Mechanic in Estancia Mall to cater to our growing clientele.”

Now, Lopez is enjoying life to the fullest, but also reminding us that every time we wake up, we have to be “intentional and conscious with everything that we’re doing so we can attain our goals.”

Get in touch with Ortigas Land. For more information, please visit Ortigas Land through their website, Facebook, and Instagram. You may also visit Body Mechanic at L3 East Wing, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City, or visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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