Is The Quarantine Period Fostering A Culture Of Pre-Hookup Communication?

Is The Quarantine Period Fostering A Culture Of Pre-Hookup Communication?


Do you find yourself gravitating towards a certain someone and actively pursuing a consistent conversation in this time of quarantine? Well, perhaps even just to keep things social or to remind us that we are not alone, there might be a culture of pre-hookup communication bubbling and boy we are very invested in it.

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We’ve pretty much reminded everyone over and over on countless ways to keep yourself entertained during this lockdown. You can watch a Netflix series or movie, learn a new dance, join the TikTok bandwagon, read a book, and so much more. But in the midst of the quarantine, do you find yourself constantly talking to someone in particular? Are you quite certain you see where this conversation could be going? If you have someone in your contacts who constantly messages and keeps you sane while you are both on quarantine, consider yourself lucky because it’s still one of the best ways to kill time and of course, keep much-needed company. 

It’s easy to associate this quarantine set-up with a solitary rule. It may not be an entirely lone moment for some, but not being able to go out with your friends just like how you used to can admittedly dull certain connections. And so, this ECQ makes you spend more time on your phone than usual—trying to catch-up with your friends or having a special someone who constantly reminds you how good the morning is and how sweet the night is—despite the circumstances, of course.

Screenshot from TEDx Talks on Youtube

If you’ve read the book How To Be Alone by Lane Moore or at least watched her Tedx Talk, the author emphasized on how being alone is not a life sentence and how it actually further hones independence. Recently, Lane Moore had a special live stream for her stay-at-home audience. How To Be Alone with Lane Moore streamed on Twitch for a live talk show where she didn’t only answer questions, but also played board games and Tinder live with her viewers. 

Photo from @hellolanemoore on Instagram

Lane Moore noticed how the quarantine period has served as a gauge for two people in a steady conversation to clinch on a pre-hookup communication. “People who ordinarily might not have wanted to talk a lot before meeting actually have to now,” shares Moore. Sure, you’re getting a little bored and probably jaded of seeing and talking to the same people in your home everyday. So, you spend some time in your messaging apps—interacting with some of your close friends who could be bored as you are until you’ve established that fleeting presence. In the unforeseeable future, forget blind-dating and setting-ups. Once it’s time to meet them out there, we bet that long meaningful conversation has made you more than enough ready. You know, you can also think of it as a harmless and sustained foreplay, perhaps even with more reward to it in the end. 

As you talk every single day (assuming you’re on that level of consistency and well, intimacy), your topic swerves from serious political stands to something naughty. Ironically, this may be the perfect time for a good flirt, let’s admit that. Or something long term, we never know. Thus, it may seem like the most fitting season to go swiping on your dating apps and activating your “stranger luck”—a term coined by Lane Moore about that instant affection built just by creating a connection with some random stranger. Whether they’re an old friend or a new Bumble match, keeping yourself busy and preoccupied with prolonged conversations that deepens your bond can get you through this span of loneliness and isolation. You know it’s a bonus when one or both of you are willing to keep things going even after all this is hopefully done.

After trying all the available and easy-to-do boredom killers, it’s up to you how you prefer to cope through the quarantine, no judgment. But if your status changes once this quarantine is lifted, you’re welcome for this heads up, you lucky stranger.

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