It Isn’t Too Late, Here’s How You Can Still Spruce Up Your Holiday Festivities

It Isn’t Too Late, Here’s How You Can Still Spruce Up Your Holiday Festivities


Don’t think about the post-holiday cleaning yet, because it’s about time to focus on a seasonal sprucing for your bountiful Christmas spreads.

In case you didn’t notice, Christmas is happening in less than a week now and New Year will follow a week after that.  And it goes without saying, even as you figure out how to split yourselves across your social calendars, that there will be festivities left and right during Christmas week—from family get-togethers, college reunions, to casual chic brunches with your colleagues.

With so many things happening all at once, it’s somewhat difficult to prepare for these once-in-a-blue-moon moments. Where do you even begin? Feeling a lot generous, we took the liberty to gather all the event stylists who can impeccably spruce up your holiday festivities, minus the nail-biting and hair-pulling. Whether it be just in your own home or in a huge function room, these geniuses with a keen eye for detail and dandy are sure to make your holidays merry and bright. by Robert Blancaflor

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In the world of events styling, Robert Blancaflor is the industry standard. Whenever there will be soirées or any social sort, he is the go-to stylist for high society. Recently, he finally launched his own online store called, a virtual space where you get access to its unparalleled range of luxurious event equipment—from chairs, candelabras, cutleries, and carpets.

Flower arrangements are also available to complement your table setting. But if you desire to arrange your own centerpieces, you can opt to buy a bulk of your preferred imported flowers, which is actually cheaper than buying in Dangwa. That’s because Robert is the biggest importer of flowers from Holland, Ecuador, and Taiwan.

Gideon Hermosa

If you’re one who keeps tabs on all the celebrity weddings, then you’ve probably heard of having their special receptions being #gideonized. Gideon Hermosa is famed for magically transforming a dull space into the fantasy of your dreams. So, whether you want a rustic afternoon set-up, a white Christmas luncheon, or a whole new world under the sea, he can make it happen. In fact, Gideon can even make the Christmas tree of your dreams come true, just like what he did for Kathryn Bernardo.

Moss Manila

Photo from Moss Manila

Moss Manila is known for creating three-dimensional design environments that are truly evocative of sophistication and creative perfection. As their expertise lies in interior design, they know what easily works for your aspired vision for your fête. So, their furniture rentals are definitely updated and on trend such as an all-white communal table, a geometric bar stool, or a minimalist black and gold bench. In case you’re looking for festive inspos this holiday season, then you better take cues from Moss Manila’s orchestration of Anne Curtis’ recent baby shower.

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