It's All About Glamor In Ann Ong's Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

It's All About Glamor In Ann Ong's Spring/Summer 2018 Collection


Renowned Filipina jewelry designer and three-time Katha Awards winner Ann Ong continues to make her mark on the fashion scene as she unveils her latest collection of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces, titled “Surround Yourself with Nature” in New York.

The designer has always been known for her captivating gilded pieces that merge organic with opulent. Back in 2016, she picked up the award for “Best Designer” in New York for her SustainAbility Clutch, taking local flavor to the international fashion sphere. For Spring/Summer 2018, she continues to purvey sustainable fashion that collides with all things glamorous – using an array of precious metals, rare stones and hammered gold handcrafted by artisans and are wielded together with gentility.

Featured in the range are luxurious minaudieres in a lush cage of gold with gems and crystals such as rough-cut amethyst, tourmaline and pearls shining bright against the polished canvas. Each piece is a truly sophisticated style statement, timeless and powerful in itself. The notable Banig Clutch is reintroduced along with the Bamboo Clutch perfect for the fashion girl who wants to stand out.

For neck pieces, cuffs and accessories in her Opulencia and Surround Yourself assortments, Ong looks to the real world for inspiration, capturing the audience’s imagination by channeling the wild in all its different forms – Spring blooms, dragonflies in flight, weaving vines, and the mysterious depths of the sea. While Ong’s style revolves on elegance and extravagance, these give a great earthy balance to her extensive range.

“I have always been driven to find the beauty in materials and pieces that people often overlook and underappreciate. I salvage materials and find ways to repurpose stuff I find, as I want to show people that the ‘common’ can also be transformed into something extraordinary,” the designer says.

Catch Ann Ong’s exhibit at Booth number 3171, Jacob Javits Center At Artisan Resource New York Now from February 4 to 7, 2018. Or visit her stores at Asia Society Museum at Park Avenue New York, Cincinnati Museum and Shangri-La The Fort Hotel.

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