It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas With Dior

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas With Dior


It is time to get into the full swing of the Christmas season with the season’s selection of Dior, which brings the world of Africa into well-loved pieces to give and receive.

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The enduring Christian Dior once said: “Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too.” A manifesto that threads through the hems of its history and seams of its savoir faire, this guiding wisdom has become more apparent in its more recent incarnations under the graceful and empowering helm of Maria Grazia Chiuri. With collections that not only celebrate, but truly honor the woman in all her modern glory, Dior has choreographed itself into a swell of resurgence that has at this point already colored itself into the storied timeline of the revered house.

Relishing in the season of giving and generosity, Dior ushers the Christmas spirit with a nod to the magical moments of the holidays in sa sélection de noël or its Christmas selection that unearths a captivating artistic dialogue between the pulsating and vibrant culture of Africa and the time-trusted codes of Dior. Adorning iconic and standout pieces, such as the Dior Book Tote, Dior Saddle, as well as J’Adior Pumps, sneakers, accessories, are lashes of jungle animal prints midnight blue, khaki, and even in a striking fil coupé jacquard.

A spring from its Cruise 2020 collection, this offering evokes the soul of Africa through delicate prints designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri featuring the majestic baobab and wax that was a collaboration with the Uniwax factory and studio in Côte d’Ivoire to re-imagine the Dior signature by combining them into a special wax edition, a 100% African production of exemplary traceability, as well as of mesmerizing splashes of blue and gold, two of the founding couturier’s favorite colors.


The holiday selection thwarts any attempt of the lingering Christmas blues with even more gift ideas, whether is for your loved ones or more importantly, yourself. Take your pick from sunglasses, small leather goods, and the 30 Montaigne bag in a rocking red, all of which are complicit to your well-deserved desires of the heart. Each gift, as the brand intends to, brings with it an enchanting moment filled with dreams and generosity, which are not only at the core of the hallowed House of Dior, but of Christmas most especially.

With the unmistakable chill, the decadent displays, and the swell of sentimentality, the season is in full swing alright. Spectacular as it is, gazing through Christmas the lens of tangible giving and receiving, let us not forget the true essence in its proverbial, happier sense, which is ultimately close to the heart of Monsieur Dior from the very beginning, manifesting very purposefully even to this day.

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