It’s Confirmed! Either Heart Evangelista Or Lana Condor Could Play Colette Bing In Crazy Rich Asians 2

It’s Confirmed! Either Heart Evangelista Or Lana Condor Could Play Colette Bing In Crazy Rich Asians 2


Kevin Kwan took to Facebook earlier this morning confirming that either Heart Evangelista, Hannah Quinlivan, or Lana Condor will play Colette Bing in Crazy Rich Asians 2.

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We’re taking this as a sign. The best-selling author, Kevin Kwan, shared a post from Vogue with a caption reading, “A fun bit of speculation from our friends at Vogue…” In the article, there were only three actresses who were unconfirmed and rumoured to be in the film. These three actresses are Heart Evangelista, Hannah Quinlivan, and Lana Condor. We’re placing our vote on Heart and Lana. If the names sound familiar, it’s because they should. Kevin Kwan coined Heart Evangelista as the darling of the Philippines in his video for Harper’s Bazaar entitled, These Are The Real ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. On the other hand we have the blockbuster actress, Lana Condor. You may know her from her wide variety of films, such as: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Deadly Class, and Alita: Battle Angel. She’s a big name in the Hollywood industry, so it would come to no surprise if she would play Colette.

As an avid fan of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, I took the liberty to do some digging and find out which of the two is most likely to play Colette Bing. If you have read the books, then you would know that this is a very serious matter—considering Colette has a pivotal role in the lives of Nick and Rachel.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who have not finished Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend, and Rich People Problems. In the slim chance that you do like spoilers, then read ahead.

Heart Evangelista as Colette Bing 
Colette Bing is a famous fashion blogger and the heiress of a multi-billion company. Ding, ding, ding! Who does that sound like? Heart Evangelista, of course. I would consider them as very similar, because Colette is a much more exaggerated version of Heart. Plus, her conniving personality doesn’t scream darling of the Philippines. But, as we all know, Heart is a veteran actress and can easily pull off a complex character such as Colette.

Lana Condor as Colette Bing 
Everyone wants to see Lana Condor play Colette Bing. Everyone! She was even voted as the most popular choice to play the role by multiple sources. Aside from this, I could say she is closer to Colette’s stage in life. As opposed to Heart who is already married, Colette’s biggest role in the second movie is that she is Carlton Bao’s girlfriend. Since Lana’s biggest strength is playing either a badass or a lovestruck teen, we could definitely see her take on the role.

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