It’s Showtime Hosts Take Their Funny Banter From TV To Twitter

It’s Showtime Hosts Take Their Funny Banter From TV To Twitter


The exchange from these three friends is a testament that laughter is a big part of their long-lasting friendship.

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One of the best kinds of friendship is one where you can laugh with your friends. This type of friendship is essential because besides the short-term relief from your sad stage, the bond you and your friends share becomes stronger. Whether it’s a meet-up over drinks or a short but meaningful conversation online, your friends can absolutely make your day better.

Luckily for the hosts of “It’s Showtime”, laughter happens every day in the company of the friends in work and in life. Case in point—the recent hilarious thread of Vice Ganda, Jhong Hilario, and Anne Curtis on Twitter!

It all started with Vice hitting the app for his morning tweet:

Of course, Anne and Jhong did not miss the opportunity to greet their friend a good morning with a twist!

Vice had entries of his own, too!

The convo is just a preview of the daily chat of the hosts during their spiels. Even though Anne and Jhong were gone for a time in the show, they were able to catch up on the inside jokes!

“It’s Showtime” is having a revamp with its new studio, as seen on Vice Ganda’s latest vlog.

Following suit the studio upgrade is the show’s new time slot and the comeback of one of the viewers’ favorite segments, “Miss Q&A”.

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