ITZY’s Ryujin Dominates Filipino TikTok Videos Thanks to This Fangirl

ITZY’s Ryujin Dominates Filipino TikTok Videos Thanks to This Fangirl


Ryujin’s “Not Shy” to ace these TikTok challenges thanks to this fangirl from the Philippines who introduced her to Filipino music via voice calls

Before, it was random play and speed dance challenges in variety shows. Today, it’s TikTok challenges for idols. In fifteen seconds or less, our favorite performers can make our day with a fancam, an edit, or an unexpected upload. And if there’s anyone who has been a lot of fans happy with her charisma and videos, it’s definitely Shin Ryujin from ITZY. 

Ryuji from ITZY

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The group’s center and main rapper has been a crowd favorite for her commanding stage presence, ace material performance level, and fun interactions with Midzys. Truly exuding her positions’ power, she is unstoppable when it comes to pulling the audience in, including on TikTok. If you’re wondering how she was able to do the Filipino TikTok challenges, it’s thanks to one Midzy who made it all possible. 

Ryujin’s fangirl

Meet RJ, the 24-year-old business owner who had been in video calls with the ITZY member for a number of times now. Even before the member’s debut to the JYP girl group, she became the fan’s favorite during her trainee years as a reality show contestant. 

“In celebrating their journey, I find not only inspiration  but also a shared sense of empowerment and self-love,” RJ shares, talking about ITZY. “Their title tracks usually portray these messages which fueled my unwavering dedication and admiration for the group.”

@solacesrj vc throughout the years! she definitely owns my heart &lt3 #itzy #있지 #류진 #ryujin #kpop #fyp #fansignvideocall #kpopfancall ♬ 오리지널 사운드 – ITZY

The debut of ITZY came at the perfect time when the fourth generation of K-Pop was still defining the era. Embodying their introductory phrase, “All in us,” the group always shares one message—self-empowerment.

@solacesrj we tried 😭😭😭 @BINI PH #bini #bini_pantropiko #bini_pantropikodc #itzy #ryujin #kpop #fansignvideocall #fancall #fyp #류진 #pantropiko ♬ original sound – rj

For the fan, each member’s individuality made it more possible for the group concept to thrive. “Each member brought something unique, yet together they formed a cohesive group that resonated deeply with me,” she shares. “It wasn’t just about their talent or success, but rather the genuine connections they fostered with their fans. Supporting them felt like cheering on a friend, knowing that their journey was filled with both triumphs and challenges, but ultimately rooted in a sincere passion for their craft.”

@solacesrj pinoy pride, ryujin domingo is baaack! #marikitsadilim #itzy #있지 #류진 #ryujin #kpop #fyp ♬ Marikit sa Dilim – Carl & Angela

Being on call

“[I’ve] had 21 video calls with Ryujin since the first one on July 20, 2022,” RJ recalls, looking back on how far she’s come as a fangirl. “I was so nervous as I waited for the call to connect. When I finally saw her on screen and got to interact with her directly, I almost cried. It was an experience I’ll cherish forever,” she states.

@solacesrj never beating the filipino allegations! ryujin domingo! 😎 ryugeng geng 키키키 #itzy #ryujin #kpop #fansignvideocall #fancall #fyp #류진 ♬ original sound – jayjoseph.j2x

With quite the experience that she has as a Midzy, the fan herself offered some advice on those who would like to take the chance of meeting their idols like ITZY and Ryujin through video call. First rule? Familiarizing oneself with the guidelines by event organizers. “Come prepared with questions or subjects to discuss. Brief and honest queries get the finest responses,” she adds. “Seize the moment to connect truly. Don’t be scared to be yourself. Finally, express genuine respect and appreciation to form a significant bond with them.”

Featured Image: ITZY (via Instagram)

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