J-Hope Wrote a Track For the BTS ARMY Before His Military Enlistment

J-Hope Wrote a Track For the BTS ARMY Before His Military Enlistment


As the ARMY gets ready to bid a temporary farewell, BTS’ J-Hope is set to drop a new solo track personally written for his fans

One of the toughest but inevitable realities in the K-Pop world is temporarily bidding farewell to our beloved idols as they take a break from their music careers and enlist in the military. It’s a bittersweet moment for fans as they watch their biases transition from performing on stage to serving their country. 

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The mandatory military service in South Korea should be served for at least 18 months and during this time, fans eagerly await their favorite’s return. According to BIGHIT Music’s announcement on Weverse, BTS’ J-Hope is starting the process of enrolling for required military duty. No statement explains why J-Hope took the initiative to terminate his military postponement, but the management hopes that fans could continue to pour their love and support for the singer. They also promised the public that they would post further updates about J-Hope’s enlistment.  

However, before they depart, K-Pop artists often leave a gift for their fans to leave them with a memento while they are counting down the days until their much-awaited return. 

BTS JHope IN THE BOX documentary

As J-Hope prepares to fulfill his mandatory military service, he makes sure to leave a lasting mark before he departs. The singer recently launched a documentary titled J-Hope IN THE BOX, detailing his journey to produce his first official solo album, Jack In The Box. In this documentary, fans can witness the creative process that led to the album’s creation, giving them a deeper understanding of his artistic vision. 

Moreover, J-Hope has just released his new single titled “On The Street” with American rapper and the K-Pop icon’s longtime inspiration, J. Cole. With this, the artist’s latest single not only demonstrates the origin story of his passion for music, but also marks the fulfillment of the K-Pop superstar’s lifelong dream.

Collaborating with the iconic rapper J. Cole on this track was a major milestone for J-Hope as he bids temporary farewell to his fans. The blend of J-Hope’s emotional vibe and J. Cole’s electrifying touch in the song formed the overall depth of the track. The two artists complement each other’s styles effortlessly, resulting in a gravitating release that will surely go down in the annals of K-Pop history.

Me Myself and j-hope All New Hope

BIGHIT Music and J-Hope believe that this piece will serve as a meaningful gift to everyone who has supported him all the way. As J-Hope takes a temporary hiatus from the music industry, fans can cherish this song while awaiting his return and the comeback of BTS in 2025. 

Photos from J-HOPE, DISNEY+, and BTS OFFICIAL (via Instagram)

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