Jach Manere Spins The Spotlight From Her To Bigger Causes

Jach Manere Spins The Spotlight From Her To Bigger Causes


How does a top model use her influence to bring light to bigger causes? Find out what MEGAStyle cover star, Jach Manere, has been doing to help out.

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In the year 1992, Queen Elizabeth II made a speech at Guildhall for her Ruby Jubilee on the throne. Instead of focusing on her ceremony, she brought up the horrible events that occurred throughout the year. This is where she coined the term, annus horribilis, a horrible year. As 2020 comes to a close, we can’t help but look back at what this year truly was. More than anything, 2020 started a paradigm shift in each and everyone’s life.

Like Queen Elizabeth II in 1992, Jach Manere has much to celebrate in the year 2020. She’s been booking job after job despite the pandemic and has fully cemented her place in the modeling industry. Despite all of this, the top model is unable to truly celebrate a year of personal victory when many have been suffering. Dig deep into the psyche of Jach Manere and find out how she is doing her part in the midst of a pandemic.

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A toll on current events

2020 did not leave any stone unturned. After a major blow caused by the pandemic, the whole country has experienced political, environmental, and economical issues that are just too big to ignore. Jach has been keeping up to date on all the current events to sustain a sense of social awareness. You can see this through her social media platforms, where she actively voices out her opinion about issues and shares credible causes that benefit so many Filipinos.

MEGA: More than just the pandemic, 2020 has been a very eventful year. Have the current events been something that you follow-up on? How does it affect you?

Jach: Yes, I am definitely up to date with the current news and events. It affects me greatly as a Filipino citizen, especially as a human being. 2020 has been a very eventful year indeed with grave things happening almost every month of the year that is just devastating to all.

M: What are the ways that you address these feelings and issues?

J: I honestly use almost all of my social media platforms to address my feelings and opinions toward these issues. I like to use my platform not just for personal content, but importantly for awareness of current issues, considering I do kind of have a wide reach around the Philippines and Asia.

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A modern role model

During quarantine, many have turned to the internet to find solace. Lovers of fashion and music have found a modern role model in Jach Manere. Since her stint in Asia’s Next Top Model, she has been very active on her social media platforms. More than being a public figure, Jach tries to be a good example for all independent women out there.

M: How has your job played a part in recent events during quarantine?

J: Aside from being a professional model, people also consider me as a social media influencer. And I believe being an influencer is more than just brands and fashion. To be an influencer is to be a good influence, to set a good example to people, to influence people to act and educate them regarding certain issues, and to spread awareness. That for me played a major role in my life and in the recent events during this quarantine. Considering people check up on social media more than ever now, it is really important to know what you’re doing.

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M: Have you been doing anything differently as a way to compensate or help in these situations?

J: I have been donating to some charities and environmental services since the pandemic started, as well as when the disastrous typhoons hit the country. I cannot just let these things pass without helping in some way, I cannot morally sleep at night knowing that there are people who are suffering and in dire need of help.

Turning the spotlight to a cause
Jach consistently hits around a thousand likes and a hundred comments per post, but this doesn’t go without reason. Her content always shares a piece of herself whether it’s her love for music, modeling career, or the causes she has invested time and effort in. She’s a big advocator for environmental sustainability and consistently updates her fans regarding her eco-friendly efforts.

M: Are there any organizations that you want to bring light to?

J: I have been checking this one organization from time to time, and it’s called For the Future. It’s an organization that constantly posts and updates regarding environmental news, as well as social injustices. I would like for everyone to check them out because they are a hundred percent reliable and they assure everyone that the donations we give are well put to use.


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M: What’s your advice to your fans? What could they do to help out during the pandemic?

J: I would like for everyone to be well aware of what’s happening around the world because we cannot just sit and let these things happen, we cannot be ignorant anymore. Research, fact check, know the ways you can help. The world is changing so is our environment. We need all the help we could get in order to protect not just ourselves but the world we live in. Our responsibility is much greater than we might have supposed, because it involves all human life.

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