Celebrity Makeup Artist Jake Galvez Released a Special Lash Design For Filipina Eyes

Celebrity Makeup Artist Jake Galvez Released a Special Lash Design For Filipina Eyes


With the hope of helping his clients and colleagues, the collaboration between Jake Galvez and Artisan Professionel is set to end the ongoing search for long, fluttery, and wispy artificial lashes for the Filipina market. 

Long lashes have made their mark as one of the most coveted features in beauty history. In the late 1800s, dark fringes extracted from hair on the head were sewn into the eyelids. However, it wasn’t long until Canadian inventor Anna Taylor patented the breakthrough format of a crescent-shaped strip of fabric. Artificial lashes soon became a piece of standard equipment for actors, and a staple in every beauty lexicon. A good pair can elevate any look, but the right design can amplify the eyes like no other.

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False eyelashes are undeniably transformative. However, finding the right fringes is a bit of a trial-and-error situation. No one is exempted from it, including celebrity makeup artist Jake Galvez. “It has been a struggle for me as a makeup artist to find the right size, volume, and length for my lashes,” he shared in an exclusive interview. “The ones available in the market are either too long or too thin, which mostly compliments western eyes.” 

In search of the perfect lash design, Galvez worked with Artisan Professionnel to create a line of special lashes suited for Asian eyes. As he unveiled his collection, we looked into the inspiration and the story that helped bring the concept to life. 

Meet the artist

Jake Galvez is a name to remember. The artist made his mark in the fashion and beauty industry with an impressive roster of muses like Belle Mariano, Kim Chiu, Chie Filomeno, Yassi Pressman, and Andrea Brillantes. And even after having made a name for himself in the industry, the makeup artist continues to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with. Recently, he was announced as the first-ever Filipino collaborator of global beauty brand Artisan Professionnel—a beauty breakthrough that deserves to be recognized. 

The artist’s vision

Jake Galvez’s line began with a clear vision of providing the best eyelashes for Asian eyes. “One of the most common issues with eyelashes is that they are often too long or short for Filipinas. I want to make it easy for them with these eyelashes that Artisan and I created. I made sure that they are tailored for the Filipina.” The collection is backed by a lot of testing, having searched for the ideal design for years to flatter the market. 

“This collaboration started before the pandemic, three years ago to be exact, when Artisan reached out if I wanted to create a special lash design,” Galvez revealed, mentioning he has always been a fan of the brand ever since he discovered it during a leisure trip in Jakarta. “The Artisan team even flew from Jakarta to Manila, and collaborated on a few sketches with me. And then the pandemic started, so we had to postpone the launch. Now I can’t believe it’s finally happening!” 

The signatures collection 

The collaborative lineup arrived in two formats that are touted as the perfect eyelashes for Filipinas. “We can use them for all types of eyes, whether you’re chinita, mestiza, or morena.” The first design named “Voile 5720” is made from handmade premium silk hair and an ultra-soft band that delivers a more natural-looking finish. In contrast, the “Touche 6226” is crafted from premium synthetic hair with extra flexible nylon strands, which is ideal for a glam and sophisticated look. 

Galvez also unveiled a must-try eyelash hack. “You can layer the glam and natural together to transform the look,” he shared. 

Naming the muse 

Alongside, the collection also named the artist’s longtime muse Belle Mariano as the model of the line. “I cannot think of the perfect ambassador for these lashes than my muse Belle Mariano. She’s the epitome of a modern Filipina beauty,” Galvez shared. “She can pull off any makeup look, from soft natural makeup, to glittery sparkly eyes, and to a fierce winged eyeliner look and fluffy lashes—she rocks them all with ease.”

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