James Reid Makes a Dapper Debut Appearance at Fashion Week

James Reid Makes a Dapper Debut Appearance at Fashion Week


Stepping into Fashion Week for the first time, James Reid arrives in a stylish ensemble that reflects the spirit of two collaborating brands

In a surprising turn of events, James Reid, together with girlfriend Issa Pressman, graced the fashion scene with his presence at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. Notably, the actor arrived in impeccable style, flaunting a new hairstyle and a meticulously put-together ensemble, leaving fans and enthusiasts alike awestruck and curious about his newfound fashion prowess.

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Sleek and stylish

James Reid and Issa Pressman in Paris

Styled by John Lozano, the multi-talented gentleman donned a suave pea coat from the collection. Its sharp silhouette and clean lines harmoniously highlighted his features, exemplifying his boldness in exploring diverse fashion expressions.

What made his attire truly stand out, though, was the animal print undershirt, a decision personally suggested by James, according to the stylist. It exemplified his willingness to explore bold patterns and challenge the norms of style. This infusion of the wild beautifully contrasted with the jacket’s formality, achieving a seamless blend of sophistication and edginess.

Striking the balance

“As a designer, I’ve always been interested in exploring hedonism and empowerment. I was very enthusiastic to work with H&M on a collection that will introduce Rabanne’s avant-garde energy to a wider audience in a democratic way“

Julien Dossena, creative director of Rabanne. 

Taking a closer look at James Reid’s Fashion Week debut, his style mirrors the spirit of both H&M and Paco Rabanne. This viewpoint was echoed by Lozano, who had an early look at the collection. H&M’s accessibility and affordability align with Reid’s relatable and grounded personality, demonstrating that fashion can be both within reach and elegant.

James Reid H&M and Paco Rabanne collection

On the flip side, the actor’s presence also reflects the daring and avant-garde essence of Paco Rabanne. His fearless attitude towards taking fashion risks and exploring uncharted territory mirrors the designer’s envelope-pushing approach in high fashion. Undoubtedly, this fashion-forward moment firmly establishes James Reid as a style icon, fueling our anticipation for his future fashion ventures.

Photos: H&M and JAMES REID (via Instagram)

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