James Reid Talks About Breaking Rules in Fame, Fashion, and More in MEGA: The Next Move

James Reid Talks About Breaking Rules in Fame, Fashion, and More in MEGA: The Next Move


James Reid reveals in the latest episode of MEGA: The Next Move why he’s embracing a different path, whether it’s in music, fashion, or his leadership style

Seated next to our Editor-in-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro in the latest episode of MEGA: The Next Move is none other than James Reid, a promising figure in entertainment, fashion, and business today. During the sit down talk, the 30-year-old reflects on how defying norms in his different careers has paved the way for his authentic pursuits. From his distinctive fashion sense to his unconventional artist management approach, here are some of the moments where he challenged convention.

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Scripted to creative

The actor expresses his desire to take a more active role in shaping his filmography

Since his victorious stint on ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash back in 2010, we’ve watched Reid’s career skyrocket right before our eyes. From blockbuster hits like Never Not Love You to beloved TV series like On the Wings of Love, he has won hearts everywhere. But for this artist, the peak of his acting journey is still on the horizon, revealing he’s working on a new film project. “I am currently working on a few scripts right now [and] getting involved in the film process,” he mentions in the podcast. While he hesitates to slap on the label of a producer, Reid says he sees himself more as a creative collaborator, shaping stories and crafting characters. While actors often just follow the script, he hopes to spark a fire in others, urging them to step out of their comfort zones and embrace their creativity. “I want to help inspire people to take risks,” he states with conviction.

“I was always a bit of a rebel. I was always doing what they expected of me as an artist, not what they expected from me off-screen.”

James Reid

Style without borders

James Reid with Mr. Armani himself
James Reid with Mr. Armani himself

Straight from his fashion week travels, James Reid is undoubtedly positioned as the next big thing in the worldwide fashion scene. What’s truly thrilling is witnessing a Filipino gentleman leading the charge this time, as Isidro emphasizes in the interview. They also delve into Reid’s standout memories from Milan and Paris Fashion Week. From rubbing shoulders with Giorgio Armani to being mesmerized by the runway displays, he clearly relished every moment. And with a hint of ambition, he shares, “I was definitely inspired and maybe one day I’ll make my own fashion line.” 

During a Paris Fashion Week appearance, he donned a skirt by Louis Vuitton

What added depth to the podcast episode was Reid’s discussion about how people tend to react negatively to uncommon style choices, particularly for men. He recounted instances of wearing a pink suit as well as skirts during recent trips and being taken aback by comments suggesting his attire was “gay”. Reid, with unquestioned confidence and honesty, states, “It was refreshing to be in because, for me, I’m very comfortable with my own sexuality [and] with my masculinity. It’s, you know, the shoes I’m wearing [and] the pants I’m wearing don’t really define sexuality. It’s just my taste.”

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From echoes to originality

Another key part of Reid’s identity is his keen sense of music and how it has evolved over time. In his conversation with the MEGA Editor-in-Chief, the singer reveals that he has always had the desire to explore and showcase his unique musical style. He reflects, “I wanted to make music just on my own terms. For, like, almost 10 years, [I have] really followed what I was supposed to do, sticking to what is marketable. And so much so that I was even told that I couldn’t make the music I wanted to make.” Thus, he’s grateful he took the leap to produce the album he envisioned, his way. Now, he continues to craft his distinct sound and went on to share his excitement about completing his upcoming album. Reid also offers valuable advice for fellow artists, stressing the importance of clarity of purpose and willingness to embrace uncertainty in order to grow and succeed.

Leading with vision

In his role as the founder and president of Careless Music, Reid is reshaping the concept of business leadership. He believes leadership on the label involves maintaining a delicate balance between fostering artists’ creative autonomy and ensuring the business thrives. He also underscores the importance of artists being fully aware of and involved in their contracts, drawing from his own past experiences. “I think a lot of people just really overlook that,” he remarks. “They end up falling into perpetual contracts and renewing contracts, and they don’t realize they’ve just signed away 20 years of their working life,” Reid adds. 

The Careless founder reflects on the conversation with Liza Soberano regarding his future plans

In their conversation, Reid’s unconventional business approach came to light when he shared a personal anecdote about Liza Soberano joining their team. He recalls a Zoom call where Soberano candidly asked about their plans for her. Reid admitted they didn’t have one and asked her what she wanted to do. “And then she said, ‘Okay, well, I want to do Hollywood.’ And I’m not sure if she said that just to kind of scare us. But then we said, ‘Okay, let’s try. Let’s try; let’s see what happens,’” he recollects. Now, with Soberano’s Hollywood debut in Lisa Frankenstein receiving positive feedback from critics, Reid expresses more pride in seeing a fellow Filipino represent on the global stage than in any individual success. 

Although we may think we understand him well, the MEGA: The Next Move episode featuring James Reid provided a closer glimpse into the multifaceted nature of the creative visionary. It suggests that challenging conventions and refusing to conform isn’t always a negative choice; in fact, it can be thrilling and brimming with potential.

To watch the whole podcast episode, visit MEGA’s official YouTube channel here.


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