Janeena Chan Shares Why She Loves the Work Grind and Hustle

Janeena Chan Shares Why She Loves the Work Grind and Hustle


Janeena Chan is no stranger to work grind and hustle. These are what keep her going since she started at the tender age of seven.

Do you still remember the question you were asked during pre-school or elementary days? The ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ question. This was not the case for Janeena though who found her calling at an early age to the tune of “lights, camera, action!” While kids of her age are still playing with their toys, a portion of her childhood was spent on modeling and hosting. The stage is simply her playground at that time. 


Her first stint as a host was for a tele-magazine show called Kid’s TV which was aired on ABC 5 and RPN 9. She fared well and even won the Best Kiddie Show Host award. “Then I started branching out into event and digital hosting, so I am really happy about it,” Janeena fondly reminisces. 


Currently, she’s a TV host of UPFRONT under ABS-CBN Sports and Action. She is also with Chinoy TV on ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel). Does she ever gets tired?


That’s quite impossible because for her being a host is not just a job but a way of expressing herself. “I don’t really see it as work, which is such a blessing. I love it. Although, sometimes it really gets tiring and overwhelming, but whenever I feel great, I just go back to the basics, go back thinking why it got me started in the first place because I really enjoyed it and I really love doing it. Also, I guess, whenever I do it, I was really meant to be a host,” she said.


In between, Janeena endorses several brands and attends shoots. She’s into blogging and social media as well because she knows that she must learn to adapt to the changing times in the digital space and stay relevant.


Aside from her blooming career, she also makes sure that she can manage her lifestyle, especially when it comes to expenses. As a host and influencer, she needs to be presentable at all times on cam or off cam. You may see her wearing branded items but Janeena values money more than anything. “I would really think twice or thrice before I spend on something. Not unless I want to splurge as a treat for myself. So whenever I travel it’s actually convenient to have my [credit] card any time with me anywhere I go. It‘s easier and more convenient.”


Janeena confessed to us that she is a credit card person. The living testaments to this are her very thin wallet and tiny bags. “It’s less bulky. You can have it anywhere. You can  monitor your expenses. It’s more secure,” she explains. She also takes advantage of the points that she earns when using it. 


Like credit card rewards, there are also perks that she gets from her work despite her full and busy schedule. “There is always something new, [I] always meet interesting people every day. It’s not monotonous. I think that’s what keeps me going. For example this whole week was really full. If I only think about the work, parang napapagod na ko. But I love it! I just have to keep up with my health. I just have to make sure that I eat well and sleep on time. And that’s how I keep up with a busy schedule. But it’s busy and fun. You meet really great personalities, really great people.”


But what’s next for this multi-talented lady? “Hopefully more digital work. Self-produced. I need to work on it more. And maybe singing, because that’s my first love. So hopefully I do more creative work.” 

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