Janine Gutierrez Learns All About Style From Pilita Corrales

Janine Gutierrez Learns All About Style From Pilita Corrales


The sartorial lesson also came with a closet raid session with the actress and her Mamita

Age comes with wisdom on different aspects of life, including fashion. Because of this, there are a lot of things grandparents can teach their grandchildren, and that includes how to dress up. 

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In her latest vlog, Janine Gutierrez invited her very own Mamita, Pilita Corrales, for a closet raid and styling session! The actress even shared that when she was still a kid, she used to do this in her grandmother’s closet. 

For more than 60 years, Pilita has been known for hits like “Kapantay ay Langit.” Besides her tracks and her iconic backbending singing style, she has trademarked glitter dresses as part of her wardrobe. According to the singer, it was her own mother who made them.

Now, if you are expecting a conservative advice from a grandmother like Pilita—then you’re definitely mistaken. Pilita teased her granddaughter that showing skin is in! Aside from that, she also reiterated to Janine that confidence is the most important thing you can wear on any occasion. Hear, hear! 

Watch Janine try out Pilita’s clothing pieces on her vlog:

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