Jann Pascua Is Now The Art Director Of Vogue Philippines

Jann Pascua Is Now The Art Director Of Vogue Philippines


Through the lens of art, he is ready to bring the country to the global stage.

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Vogue Philippines announced today the appointment of Jann Pascua as art director. He joins the pioneering team of veteran editors and writers of the global title’s latest edition.


Graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, Jann Pascua dreamt of a career in Fashion Design. But his life took an unexpected turn when Suki Salvador saw his potential for publishing and gave him the position of senior graphic artist for MEGA. With his natural talent and eye for design, Jann Pascua shifted from fashion design to art direction. 

In 2017, he gained enough experience to succeed Suki Salvador as he stepped up for the role of One MEGA Group’s (OMG) creative director. The change of position placed MEGA and all other titles of the media powerhouse under his wing. 

Fast forward to 2020, Vogue Philippines was yet a concept. Among the team of people building the dream was Pascua. Taking the lead to create the visuals representing the creative Filipino culture— it only makes sense that he is now the team’s art director. 

Vogue Philippines editor-in-chief, Bea Valdes, acknowledges Pascua for being one of the most dedicated designers that she had the pleasure to work with.

“The whole team looks forward to continued collaboration with him.”

Bea Valdes, Vogue Philippines editor-in-chief

And with that, Pascua expresses his appreciation and gratitude towards the team he is excited to collaborate with. 

“Just the thought of being in the same roster of art directors that I continually admire and look up to in my publishing career is as surreal as it gets.”

Jann Pascua, Vogue Philippines Art Director

Filipino Storytelling For the World

Vogue Philippines finds itself at a crossroads. With the motivation to tell Filipino narratives across different audiences, Pascua shares that “it’s been an eye-opening experience to understand how storytelling works from a global perspective because this time, we are creating stories of Filipinos—by Filipinos—for the world to see.”

For Pascua, great storytelling is and will always be the secret ingredient. And given that our country has rich history, culture, and values, the magazine will no doubt have a colorful future. 

“We intend to create forward-thinking imagery that still has a sense of timelessness and classic appeal as we transport you to new worlds, new lenses, and new stories. ”

Jann Pascua, Vogue Philippines Art Director

From the writing to the visuals, Vogue Philippines will not only be a reflection of the times but also a projection of what an ideal future holds for our society. Pascua believes that “when you are able to inspire, connect and spark conversations with your audiences, your work becomes part of history and a legacy that is bigger than all of us.” 

Working with Pascua for almost a decade, Archie Carrasco, Chairman and CEO of Mega Global Licensing Inc., shares his long collaboration with Jann Pascua. Being one of the people who witnessed his growth in his craft, Carrasco recognizes Pascua’s understanding of both commercial and editorial that he excels in balancing both perfectly. 

“He is undeniably immensely talented, yet remains unassuming—traits that make him an indispensable asset as he takes on this new chapter in his career. I look forward to seeing his creative vision for Vogue Philippines come to life as its new Art Director.”

Archie Carrasco, Chairman and CEO of Mega Global Licensing Inc.

As the newest art director of Vogue Philippines, Pascua is thrilled to craft stories and transform them into visuals alongside many creative collaborators, both locally and internationally. With his art direction, the magazine will serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration that will elevate local talent. It is time for the rest of the world to finally see what the Philippines has to offer. 

“It is time to take another step forward with a clear vision to help bring out our own inspiring narratives, compelling stories, and innovative ideas.”

Jann Pascua, Vogue Philippines Art Director

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