This Japanese Eyelash Engineer On How To Get Your Best Lashes Yet

This Japanese Eyelash Engineer On How To Get Your Best Lashes Yet


The Japanese eyelash engineer and NÉW Lounge partner on why one should never stop learning.

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Anyone working in the beauty industry should know that first impressions are everything. Maki Miura, a Japanese eyelash engineer and educator who is now a partner of NÉW Lounge, understands this all too well. “You can only impress someone within the first three seconds of meeting them,” she says very matter-of-factly. “Eyelash extensions help bring out the best, most presentable version of yourself. That delicate detail, no matter how small in millimeters, makes all the difference.”

Before she fell into the wonderful world of lashes, Miura actually entered the industry as a nail technician. She shares that what made her make the switch was simple: seeing a client of hers in beautifully done eyelash extensions. “I realized how much it could change someone’s look. So, I studied that in Korea and brought the technique to Japan,” she shares. 22 years later, she is still finding the most effective techniques and technologies to give her clients their best lashes yet. As an expert, she also wants to share her knowledge, teaching 1200 Japanese students yearly.

NÉW Lounge’s clients has Miura to thank for their well-loved Brace Lashes, as she was the creator of the technology. For those of you who aren’t so familiar with them, Brace Lashes uses a technique where in the natural lash is lifted from the roots, helping to naturally curl the lash hair. From then on, it was a meeting of the minds, as they like to describe it. Miura shared a similar vision with the company and before she knew it, she was invited to be a part of the their family as a partner. “I was impressed with their focus of wanting not just their clients to be happy, but for their staff and the families of their staff happy. This matches my business philosophy. I want to create an environment where I can educate the lash artist to become financially independent,” she shares.

Having worked in Japan, Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles and now, the Philippines, Miura’s exposure has helped her determine what Filipinas tend to look for. “60-70% of Filipino women want natural-looking lashes. But the other 30% would go for something dramatic,” she says enthusiastically. According to her, an example of these dramatic looks are the Brace Lashes or other spikier styles. However, she also wants to emphasize that proper home care after your treatment is just as important. “Lots of people tend to overlook this step. I suggest using an eyelash shampoo to take out excess dirt.”

While she has had over two decades of experience, Miura shows no signs of slowing down. She is the perfect example of how one should never stop learning, no matter how accomplished. She shares that together with NÉW Lounge, an eyelash academy is in the works. “I’ve been doing this for 22 years now, so I want to train more people to provide the best, cleanest customer support. It is the most delightful thing to see your clients feeling and looking beautiful,” she shares with a smile.

Photography Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100
Sittings Editor RJ Roque
Shot on Location at New Lounge, Mo. Ignacia, Quezon City.

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