Jay Chou Keeps His Rhythm on the Move as RIMOWA’s New Ambassador

Jay Chou Keeps His Rhythm on the Move as RIMOWA’s New Ambassador


The King of Mandopop is no stranger to going places—this alone serves as a testament to his connection with RIMOWA

Science explains that by nature, music and travel have always been intertwined. When waves travel, the bumping molecules cause a vibration until it becomes a sound. Refine it further, then it turns into music. Understanding this natural connection between the going places and producing music, RIMOWA finds its new ambassador in the Taiwanese multimedia man Jay Chou. 

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Jay Chou Rimowa Never Still global ambassador face musician
Jay Chou is the first Mandopop artist to become a global ambassador for RIMOWA

Throughout his career, the King of Mandopop has explored his craft as a singer-songwriter, producer, actor, director, and entrepreneur. Constantly seeking ways to evolve his artistry in a number of facets, Chou has made a mark in his home country, in Asia, and all over the world. “No one builds a legacy by staying still”—these are RIMOWA’s words that the musician has lived by throughout his journey. 

The moving legacy

“At RIMOWA, we have always believed in the transformative power of travel, and the commitment to constantly honing one’s craft while fearlessly pursuing innovation and reinvention. Jay Chou not only embodies all these values but is someone who we admire for his global impact as an artist. It’s an honor to welcome him as a RIMOWA global ambassador,” Hugues Bonnet-Masimbert, the German Maison’s CEO, affirmed.

Jay Chou Rimowa Never Still global ambassador face musician
Jay Chou hopes to inspire travelers around the globe to embark on their own life-changing journeys

His rhythmic movement

Meanwhile, the new face of RIMOWA shared, “As I travel around the world, my RIMOWA suitcases have been trusted companions that I share precious memories with. They’ve accompanied me not only in professional settings but during other travels too, as I delved into new realms to seek out inspiration. Serving as RIMOWA’s global ambassador brings me great joy. I value this connection and hold this enduring relationship with the brand dearly.”

Joining the likes of musicians Rihanna BLACKPINK’s Rosé, and Patti Smith, Jay connects the art of traveling to a melody. “With each adventure, either fast or slow, melodies know no rules. Stories unfold unexpectedly.”

Photos: RIMOWA

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