Jaz Reyes On The Importance Of Having Free, Unfiltered Conversations About Beauty

Jaz Reyes On The Importance Of Having Free, Unfiltered Conversations About Beauty


Step into the new frontier with this digital creator whose connections go beyond likes and follows.

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From YouTube to TikTok to Instagram, we are currently living in a world where anyone at any time can create a viral post that can instantly appear on everyone’s phone. One comment and one follow later, these content creators can gain a powerful influence over society. While it’s easy to get hooked on the many faces and personalities of the new generation who are dominating the Internet, there is one who is a cut above the rest: that is Jaz Reyes. Cheerful, charming, and gifted with limitless creativity, Reyes has become one of the most recognized faces on the Internet, and she is showing no signs of slowing down.

Corset top and mesh gloves by ARWIN MERIALES, Jewelry by BAGFUL OF GLITTER

Many would recognize her as a host and a radio DJ, but users of the web love her due to her willingness to experiment with the content she posts. You might have seen how she turned the BTS meal packaging of McDonald’s into a Dior saddle bag, or her digitally manipulated beauty posts, like the ECQ-skincare routine video where she wears a face mask that has “Mask Testing Now” written on it. With this, it’s clear that for Reyes, creativity and art are found everywhere. “The more I enforce structure and rules on my ‘creative time,’ the more it hinders me. Ideas come in like thunder, in the most mundane moments. So not having that pressure allows me to open up space and potential in my content,” she shares.

Crystal top by SUMMER GO, Two piece coordinates by CARLENE DESIGNS, and Fendigraphy bag by FENDI

The digital creator is also unafraid to inject humor into her posts or go beyond the usual format of beauty content. Just recently, she shared a video titled “Freshest Nails” where she uses press-on nails with a mini toothpaste and toothbrush on it to brush her teeth. “I choose to always find a way to blend in something that is normally defined as ‘ugly’ or ‘strange.’ True beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I choose to showcase it in a way where the contrasts of both complement one another.”

Reyes is an expert short-form storyteller not only because of her out-of-the-box techniques and flawless transitions, but also because she values engagements, not followers. “There should always be an aspect of connection and conversation. I always try to engage in my DMs [direct messages], reply to every single person, and ask questions on my space. I choose to believe that social media’s purpose is this, and I try to make this one of the core things I like about being

Crystal top by SUMMER GO, Two piece coordinates by CARLENE DESIGNS, and Jewelry BAGFUL OF GLITTER

Reyes, now at age 30, is entering the next frontier of her career as her evolving fashion partnerships—like with Italian fashion luxury house Fendi, which she dons on for shoot—and businesses reach new potentials. But despite ever-changing algorithms, unreliable engagement, and getting lost in the oversaturation of online content, Reyes always shows up for her audience. “I think that most of my followers know that you can comment as candidly as possible (whether they have a good or bad reaction), and I am open to joining and continuing the conversation.

“Our free, unedited, and unadulterated opinion is something I value, and I think that sparks a connection I hope to continue.”

Jaz Reyes

Beauty Talks


I think fashion is beauty too. We often change skincare and beauty routines and so does fashion. Fashion is deeply embedded in my mood, as well, and I think that goes for beauty, too. What mood are you going for? What makeup blends with the outfit? Instead of influencing one or the other, it’s more of a partnership.


I’m really low-maintenance for skincare. I tried the whole 12-step routine and I realized my max is about three to fours products. I prefer products that do more than one thing to lessen the time I spend in the bathroom.

Corset top and mesh gloves by ARWIN MERIALES, Leather skirt by MAISON SORIANO, and Jewelry by BAGFUL OF GLITTER

For makeup, the philosophy is the same. I want products that are not only flexible but also portable. I often have to touch up during hosting or events, so I like it to be small enough to fit in a pencil case type of makeup kit I have.


For my skincare routine, I am currently loving the Cleansing Butter from the local brand Issy & Co. What I use next is the Clarins facial wash, which reminds me of my mom and which I occasionally steal from her, as well. I then pat on The Tonic from La Mer that just perks up my face and layer on the Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Serum. I never had any bad reactions to this serum, and I always confidently recommend it to all my friends because most, if not all, are impressed by it.

For makeup, I am currently loving the Sunnies Face Eye Crayon because I can use certain shades both as an eyeshadow and a lip liner. The Chanel Baume Essentiel is also a staple of mine since it’s a highlighter, moisturizer and a gloss for the lips, all in one stick. I also constantly use the Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Skin Milk works as a primer, moisturizer, and sunblock. My last pick would be the Fenty Beauty Match Stix, which probably has the best taupe shade to contour my face.


One major change I did to my routine, and one that I’m so happy about, is getting permanent eyelash extensions. I’m obsessed with New Lounge’s services. I find that with it alone, I look made-up and ready to go every day.

Pink suit by FENDI and Jewelry by BAGFUL OF GLITTER

During the pandemic, I also think people eased up on the makeup and refocused on holistic skincare routines, but I’m also excited to see the funky Euphoria-inspired artistry being unleashed. It’s like a revenge makeup routine after two years of not being able to play around or express yourself, and I’m all for it.


Beauty consumers today are smarter, conscious, and vocal about what they want to see and what they put on their faces, which leads companies to evolve and be better. I hope we as the public and consumers keep demanding the best standards withtour products.


I’d love to see more campaigns like the one that Gucci Beauty did and is continuing to do. I find it exciting when I see the imperfections and what is not quintessentially beautiful to be placed in the spotlight. There are so many other faces and looks to appreciate, and I need that more in common advertisements and movements.

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