Jewelry Designer Paul Syjuco launches his Muse Collection

Jewelry Designer Paul Syjuco launches his Muse Collection


Representing a new age of luxury, glamour, and exuberance in the contemporary world is Paul Syjuco’s newest jewelry collection titled, “Muse.” Channeling the Art Deco movement where artists have abandoned the classic and naturalistic designs, Paul crafted a new set of jewelry in favor of a modern, more linear look reflecting the technology and architecture of the age.

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Known for its very distinct character in form and formality, the collection highlights bold colors, unique patterns, clean lines, and angular shapes. Paul shares that he pays homage to the designers of that era, particularly, the ‘bijoutiers-artistes’ or the more innovative radical jewelers, by incorporating gemstones in a sculptural way and carving them into various geometric art works.

“I focus more on form and approach pieces as sculptures, using alternative materials and a daring contrast of colors. My pieces are bold and angular, yet appear dynamic and not static,” he said.

The Muse collection features dynamic, hexagonal earrings featuring gemstones (sapphires and emeralds) accentuated by a diamond halo. Statement necklaces are also evident featuring caliber cut lapis lazuli or amethysts interspersed with rubellites and malachite. True to roaring 20s fashion, Syjuco also creates delicate drop and tasseled jewelry that emulate fringed dresses of the epoch.


While Art Deco is the apparent inspiration behind the collection, it is ultimately Syjuco’s collective experiences that bring life to his creations. “Each piece is really very personal for me; a collection of my experiences. I approach every piece as a sculpture,” he says. “There has to be an unusual quality to it: color, shape, texture or cut. Sometimes even history.”


Each piece is emboldened by the designer’s meticulous craftsmanship, materials of the highest quality, and Syjuco’s knowledge of the woman he designs for. “I suppose I attract the same kind of people who recognize and appreciate this process for objects of quality. I look to high jewelry to make fine pieces, but always keep in mind wearability.”

The Muse collection will be launched and can be viewed on October 16 to 20, 2018 at Aum Trinoma.

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