5 Things to Expect From Jo Koy as the First Filipino-American Host of the Golden Globes

5 Things to Expect From Jo Koy as the First Filipino-American Host of the Golden Globes


Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy makes history as he hosts the 81st Golden Globes Awards at the Beverly Hilton—here’s what MEGA predicts he’ll do as the main host

Ever since his first comedy special back in 2017, Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy captured the attention of the Filipinos and fellow Asians through his relatable and candor humor. From stories from his childhood to his role as a father, he is one of the few that opened Asian culture to the global scene—and he’s got it on point too. 

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Jo Koy aims to make this year’s Golden Globes Awards more positive

With his prominent stature in the comedy industry, it’s fulfilling to know that he has been chosen to host this year’s Golden Globes Awards that will happen at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. That being said, here’s a few things that MEGA predicts that the comedian will do at the awards show tomorrow.

Family support 

If you’re a Filipino, then you’d know how supportive a Filipino family can be in events like this. It’s no secret that Jo Koy loves to mention his family in any way possible, and we see that in his comedy special. That is why we won’t be surprised if we see him arrive at the red carpet with his family right by his side. 

A positive take on comedy 

During the press conference for the awards show, the comedian expressed that he hopes to leave a positive mark. AP News reported from the conference, “And now when they see this, it’s like ‘Oh, it’s possible. I can do this.’ Things aren’t so gray anymore. It’s not just two colors on the palette. Sometimes three. Every color is on the palette. This is a beautiful moment. I really want to make sure I knock this out of the park.” Jo Koy shared.

Apart from doing a positive comedy compared to last year’s incident with Chris Rock, the message he wishes to give is towards the children who will be watching the show, and he hopes that they will see the possibility of their dreams being reached as well. 

Spotlight on the Asian community 

It may be sentimental but it is only proper to mention the Asian community when the opportunity is given to you. Granted that he will put a comedic twist to it, it is still best to expect for Jo Koy to do a spiel that will honor both present and veteran Asian actors in both film and television. 

Signature Filipino comedy 

Since the Golden Globes Awards is known for its lighthearted and laidback atmosphere compared to other award shows, we’re making a bold guess that the comedian will be inserting a few Filipino-inspired jokes, and he’ll probably be adding some Asian references in the mix too.

Advocate for the screenwriters

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Jo Koy shared, “I’ve never written this many jokes before in my life,” he admits. “I’ve got six specials under my belt right now, but this is the most joke-writing I’ve done, and it’s a style that I’ve never [done]. This is all new, doing a host-style monologue, yet still giving it my tone and my voice. It’s been challenging, but, man, we’re having a blast. And we’re knocking this monologue out.”

Jo Koy at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles

Since the writers strike made quite an impact last year, we are hoping to hear a few words regarding the matter from the comedian, seeing that he has worked closely with fellow script writers for the Golden Globes. 

Photos: JO KOY (via Instagram)

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